Assam Agricultural University (AAU) Guwahati ODL Admission 2023: Full Details

AAU ODL Admission 2023 – Apply Now for ODL Online Application

The Directorate of Open & Distance Learning at Assam Agricultural University (AAU-ODL) has exciting news for aspiring learners! The official admission notification for various short-term training and certificate courses, scheduled to commence from August 2023, has been released. If you’re eager to enhance your skills and knowledge, this is an excellent opportunity to apply for these courses. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information and steps to apply for AAU-ODL’s 2023 admission.

Enhancing Careers with AAU ODL Online Programs

The AAU-ODL has unveiled an array of online programs, comprising diplomas, certificates, and short courses. These thoughtfully curated courses aim to empower learners and professionals alike, offering promising prospects for their careers. Whether you are a farmer, an entrepreneur, a rural woman, or an unemployed youth, these programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of all segments of society.

🌾📚🎓 AAU ODL Admission Details 🎓📚🌾

🏛️ University: Assam Agricultural University
🏢 Directorate/Wing: Directorate of Open & Distance Learning (ODL)
🎓 Courses: Short-Term Training and Certificate Courses
📅 Duration: 1 month & 6 months

📝 Mode of Application: Online 🌐

⏰ Last Date of Application: 14th August 2023 ⏰

🆘 Helpline: [email protected] 📧

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge! Apply now and embark on a journey of growth and success with AAU-ODL’s Online Programs! 🚀🌟

🌾📚🎓 AAU ODL Course Details 🎓📚🌾

The Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Assam Agricultural University (AAU-ODL) is offering two types of courses to help you excel in your field of interest! 🚀

Certificate Courses 🏅
1️⃣ Nursery Management
Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: 12th Passed
Course Fee: ₹7,510 💸

2️⃣ Bakery & Confectionery Products
Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: 12th Passed
Course Fee: ₹10,010 💸

3️⃣ Dairy Farm Supervisor
Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: 12th Passed
Course Fee: ₹10,010 💸

4️⃣ Basic Bioinformatics
Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: Enrolled in B.Sc./ B.Tech in Life sciences / Botany / Zoology
Course Fee: ₹10,010 💸

Short-Term Training Courses 🏆
1️⃣ Aquatic Animal Health Management
Duration: 1 month
Eligibility: Class VIII Passed
Course Fee: ₹2,010 💸

2️⃣ Waste Recycling and Vermicompost Production Technology
Duration: 1 month
Eligibility: Class VIII Passed
Course Fee: ₹2,010 💸

🌾📚🎓 AAU ODL Course Structure 🎓📚🌾

Discover the salient features of AAU ODL Courses, designed to provide you with an enriching and practical learning experience! 🚀🌟

👩‍💻 Online Classes 👨‍💻 ➲ Each course offers online classes conducted via platforms like Google Meet and other meeting apps. Learn from the comfort of your home while staying connected with experts and fellow learners! 🏠💻

👨‍🏫 Expert Supervision 👩‍🏫 ➲ Every course is supervised by a dedicated Course Director, ensuring a structured and guided learning process. Gain insights and knowledge from experienced professionals in your field of interest! 📚🗣️

🏞️ In-Campus Practical Training 🏞️ ➲ For an immersive learning experience, registered learners will undergo in-campus practical training for 3-7 days (for short-term training courses) and 10 days (for certificate courses). This hands-on training will be conducted towards the end of the course, empowering you with practical skills! 🤝🔍

📚 Self Learning Material (SLM) 📚 ➲ AAU ODL provides comprehensive Self Learning Material (SLM) to learners, facilitating self-paced learning and a deeper understanding of the course content. Study at your convenience and absorb knowledge at your own pace! 📖🔍

🎓 Course Certificate 🏅 ➲ Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded a Course Certificate, recognizing their achievements and expertise. Embrace your accomplishments and showcase your skills to the world! 🏆🌟

👉 Mandatory Practical Training 👈 ➲ To receive the course certificate, attending the Hands-on/Practical Training in a selected campus of Assam Agricultural University is mandatory. This ensures that you gain real-world experience and practical know-how! 🚀🔧

Application Fee of AAU ODL Admission

CourseFee ₹
Short-term training₹ 110/-
Certificate Course₹ 210/-

🌾📚🎓 Selection Process of AAU ODL Admission 🎓📚🌾

Joining AAU ODL Courses is just a few steps away! 🚀 Follow the simple and transparent selection process for a chance to embark on an exciting learning journey with us! 🌟

📋 Eligibility Criteria 📋 Candidates will be selected based on the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier. Ensure you meet the requirements to be considered for the courses! 📝✅

📜 Shortlisting of Candidates 📜 The list of shortlisted candidates will be published on the official website Stay tuned to know if you made it to the next phase of the admission process! 📑🧾

💳 Payment of Admission/Course Fees 💳 For the final selection, shortlisted candidates need to pay the admission/course fees online. Don’t miss this crucial step to secure your seat in the desired course! 📲💸

🔗 Admission Link 🔗 The link for admission will be shared with the shortlisted candidates after the publication of the candidate list. Keep an eye on the website for updates! 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

🌾📚🎓 How to Apply for AAU ODL Admission? 🎓📚🌾

Applying for AAU ODL Admission is quick and easy! Follow these steps to secure your spot in the desired course:

1️⃣ Visit the Official AAU-ODL Application Portal 🌐
Scroll down and locate the “Important Web-Links” section on the website. Click on the “Online Application Form” link to proceed. 📝✅

2️⃣ Log in with your Gmail Account 📲🔑
A Google form will appear, and you need to log in to your Gmail Account to access the application form. Ensure you have your Gmail credentials ready for a seamless process. 📧🔐

3️⃣ Provide Personal and Educational Details 📝🎓
Fill in all the required personal and educational details in the form. Double-check the information to ensure accuracy. Also, upload the necessary documents as per the guidelines. 🗂️📄

4️⃣ Make Payment of Application Fee 💳💸
Pay the application fee according to your category through the provided payment options. Ensure a successful transaction to complete the application process. 💰✅

5️⃣ Submit the Application Form 📤🚀
Review all the information provided, and once you are certain everything is accurate, submit the application form. Double-check for any errors before proceeding. 🧾🔍

6️⃣ Print Application Form for Reference 🖨️📋
After successful submission, take a printout of the application form for your reference and record keeping. This will serve as proof of your application. 📝📑

Important Dates of AAU ODL Admission 2023

Starting date of submission of online application1st Aug 2023
Last date of submission of online application14th Aug 2023
Admission / Submission of Course Fee17th August to 22nd August 2023
Online Class Start Date28th August 2023
Online Application FormClick Here
Official NotificationAssamese
Official NotificationEnglish
Official WebsiteClick Here

🌾🎓 AAU ODL Admission 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions 🎓🌾

🔹 Q: What courses does AAU-ODL offer for the 2023 admission?
🔸 A: AAU-ODL offers short-term training and certificate courses in various fields, including Nursery Management, Bakery & Confectionery Products, Dairy Farm Supervisor, and more!

🔹 Q: How long are the courses, and what are the eligibility criteria?
🔸 A: The courses’ duration varies from 1 month to 6 months. The eligibility criteria for each course differ, and you can find the specific requirements on our website.

🔹 Q: How can I apply for AAU-ODL Admission 2023?
🔸 A: To apply, visit the official AAU-ODL application portal and log in with your Gmail account. Fill in the required personal and educational details, upload necessary documents, pay the application fee, and submit the form.

🔹 Q: Is online learning available for AAU-ODL courses?
🔸 A: Yes, all courses at AAU-ODL are offered through online classes. You can attend classes from the comfort of your home using platforms like Google Meet.

🔹 Q: What is the selection process for AAU-ODL courses?
🔸 A: Candidates are selected based on eligibility criteria. The list of shortlisted candidates will be published on the official website. Shortlisted candidates need to pay the admission/course fees to secure their seats.

🔹 Q: Is practical training provided for the courses?
🔸 A: Yes, in-campus practical training is provided for short-term training courses (3-7 days) and certificate courses (10 days) to offer hands-on experience and practical skills.

🔹 Q: How can I contact AAU-ODL for any queries?
🔸 A: For any queries, you can reach out to [email protected] or visit our official website for more information.

🔹 Q: What are the important dates for AAU ODL Admission 2023?
🔸 A: The starting date for the online application is 1st August 2023, and the last date for submission is 14th August 2023. The online classes will start from 28th August 2023.

🔹 Q: What are the application fees for the courses?
🔸 A: The application fee for short-term training is ₹110/-, and for certificate courses, it is ₹210/-.

🔹 Q: How will I receive the course certificate upon completion?
🔸 A: Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded a Course Certificate. The mandatory practical training in a selected campus of Assam Agricultural University is required to receive the certificate.

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