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APDCL Previous Exam Paper Question and Answer: Tips to Prepare and Ace the Test

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Are you preparing for the APDCL exam and looking for resources to help you pass with flying colors? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, which will provide you with everything you need to know to succeed on the APDCL exam. In this article, we will cover everything from the format of the exam to sample questions and answers, and we will provide tips and strategies to help you prepare effectively.


The APDCL exam is a critical step for anyone who wants to work for the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited. This exam tests the candidate’s knowledge and aptitude in various areas, including electrical engineering, general awareness, and reasoning abilities. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, and candidates have to score a minimum cut-off to move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Exam Format

The APDCL exam consists of three sections: Electrical Engineering, General Awareness, and Reasoning. Each section has 50 multiple-choice questions, and each correct answer earns one mark. There is negative marking for incorrect answers, so it is essential to answer only the questions you are sure of.

Sample Questions and Answers

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

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Here are some sample questions and answers for each section of the APDCL exam.

Electrical Engineering Section

  1. Which of the following materials is commonly used for electrical insulation?

A. Aluminum B. Copper C. Rubber D. Silver

Answer: C. Rubber

  1. What is the unit of electrical power?

A. Volt B. Ampere C. Watt D. Ohm

Answer: C. Watt

General Awareness Section

  1. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

A. Indira Gandhi B. Jawaharlal Nehru C. Rajiv Gandhi D. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Answer: B. Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. Who won the 2020 US Presidential Election?

A. Donald Trump B. Joe Biden C. Hillary Clinton D. Bernie Sanders

Answer: B. Joe Biden

Reasoning Section

  1. What is the missing number in the following sequence: 2, 5, 10, 17, __?

A. 22 B. 25 C. 30 D. 35

Answer: D. 35

  1. If all apples are fruits and all fruits are healthy, then all apples are healthy. This is an example of which type of reasoning?

A. Deductive reasoning B. Inductive reasoning C. Abductive reasoning D. None of the above

Answer: A. Deductive reasoning

Tips and Strategies for Exam Preparation

Preparing for the APDCL exam requires a combination of knowledge and strategy. Here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the exam format and structure. Knowing what to expect on the exam will help you manage your time effectively and avoid surprises.
  2. Review the topics covered in each section of the exam. Make sure you have a solid understanding of the concepts and theories.
  3. Take practice exams to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will encounter on the actual exam. This will help you identify areas where you need to improve and develop effective test-taking strategies.
  4. Focus on time management. Allocate enough time for each section of the exam and stick to your schedule.
  5. Stay calm and composed during the exam. Don’t panic if you encounter difficult questions. Take a deep breath, relax, and focus on the questions you know how to answer.

    Don’t cram everything in the last minute. Start preparing early, create a study schedule, and stick to it.

  7. Take breaks and rest regularly. Give your mind some time to relax and rejuvenate.


Preparing for the APDCL exam requires a systematic approach, dedication, and hard work. It is essential to have a good understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme to prepare effectively.

Candidates must make use of study materials, previous year question papers, and online resources to strengthen their preparation. Regular practice and time management are crucial to cracking the exam with good scores.

By following the tips and strategies discussed in this article, candidates can improve their chances of success in the APDCL exam. Remember to stay calm, focused, and confident during the exam and give your best effort.

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