Assam Direct Recruitment Computer Skill Test Practice- MS Word

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III Computer Skill Test Practice- ADRE Grade 3 Computer Exam

Assam Direct Recruitment Computer Skill Test Practice- MS Word:: he Assam Government conducts recruitments for the post of Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III. Candidates who wish to get selected for the Assam Direct Recruitment (ADRE) Grade III are advised to analyze the ADRE Grade 3 Sample Question Answer These papers acquaint candidates with the basic exam structure. They can also observe the recurring questions, difficulty levels and importance of every topic in the exam.

In this article, candidates will find the Asaam Direct Recruitment (ADRE) Grade III Computer Skill Test that can be Check for free.

Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III MS Word computing skills test

Question: 1

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

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English Medium: Click Here

MS word is software of ____

(A) Apple

(B) Android

(C) Google

(D) Microsoft

Ans: D


Question: 2

Which is the word processing software?

(A) Avast

(B) MS word 2007

(C) Google Chrome

(D) Mozilla Firefox

Ans: B

MS word 2007

Question: 3

MS Word is ____ software.

(A) Web browser

(B) Word processing

(C) Operating system

(D) Antivirus

Ans: B

Word processing

Question: 4

The valid format of MS Word is ___

(A) .exe

(B) .doc

(C) .png

(D) .jpeg

Ans: B


Question: 5

What program is used in MS-Word to check the spelling?

(A) Research

(B) Word Count

(C) Set language

(D) Spelling & Grammar

Ans: D

Spelling & Grammar

Question: 6

To show the font dialog box press ____

(A) Ctrl+ P

(B) Ctrl+ D

(C) Ctrl+ B

(D) Ctrl+ Q

Ans: B

Ctrl+ D

Question: 7

A word gets selected by clicking it

(A) Once

(B) Twice

(C) Three times

(D) Four times

Ans: B


Question: 8

A _____ identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.

(A) Footer

(B) Bookmark

(C) Header

(D) Page number

Ans: B


Question: 9

Which option is not available in Microsoft office button?

(A) Bold

(B) New

(C) Save

(D) Open

Ans: A


Question: 10

_____ is the change the way text warps around the selected object.

(A) Text wrapping

(B) Indent

(C) Clipart

(D) Line spacing

Ans: A

Text wrapping

Question: 11

In the _____ we can change the view of the document and set the zoom option.

(A) Home panel

(B) View option toolbar

(C) Ribbon

(D) Title bar

Ans: B

View option toolbar

Question: 12

The center the selected text, the shortcut key is

(A) Ctrl + C

(B) Ctrl + E

(C) Ctrl + U

(D) Ctrl + O

Ans: B

Ctrl + E

Question: 13

To view paragraph marks, clicks on the _____ tab, in the paragraph group, click Show/Hide.

(A) View

(B) Home

(C) Page layout

(D) References

Ans: B


Question: 14

What should be done to change the word from ‘Kiil’ to ‘Kill’?

(A) Add

(B) Typeover

(C) Insert

(D) None of these

Ans: B


Question: 15

A major step before taking print of the document is

(A) To save the document

(B) To set paper setting

(C) To see print preview of the document

(D) Both b and c

Ans: D

Both b and c

Inside This Computer Proficiency Test

The computer proficiency test assesses the candidate’s ability to work using a computer. It helps assess whether an individual knows the functions of a computer, including basic hardware, network, security, and system software. In addition, this computer skills test includes questions with varying difficulty levels, enabling hiring managers to identify candidates who understand computer fundamentals.  

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