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Assam Direct Recruitment Computer Studies Mock Test- Exam Preparation

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Assam Direct Recruitment Computer Studies Mock Test- Exam Preparation

“Those who wait get only as much as those who try” Abdul Kalam has rightly said. If you are preparing for Assam Recruitment, SSC , NTPC , SSC CGL , UPSC or any competitive exam then this is a very important blog for you. Mental Ability Questions in English and Assamese are asked in almost all competitive exams. We often get nervous before seeing Mental Ability Questions in English and Assamese whether we will be able to do it or not? Important 50+ Mental Ability Questions in English and Assamese have been given in this blog which can prove to be helpful in your exam preparation.

Assam Direct Recruitment Exam Math Mock Test- Assamese and English Language

Assam State exams mock test assist your exam preparation in a wide-ranging manner as it helps you complete the syllabus, revise in an exhaustive manner, practice for better implementation and assess your performance from time to time. The online test series for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade-III and Grade-IV exams 2022 help you prepare for various exams such as Assam Direct Recruitment, Grade 3 and Grade 4 Exam and more.


Computer Studies Mock Test

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____________ is shortcut key for cut.

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‘This PC’ will show

3 / 35

Task View button is present on the

4 / 35

Full form of PC is

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____________ is shortcut key to create New Folder

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We can shut down the system by clicking on

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____________ is shortcut key for paste

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By ___________ correct name in search box we can search any file.

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___________ is adjacent to the Start button.

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____________ is present on the bottom of the desktop

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____________ help you to Explore your file

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____________ is latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system.

13 / 35

Computer saves

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_________ is the meaningful information called result that we receive after processing of data

15 / 35

All physical devices are

16 / 35

A computer system is a ________ system

17 / 35

IPO cycle contains

18 / 35

MS Word, Ms Excel, Coral Draw, Photoshop are

19 / 35

CD stands for

20 / 35

Find the odd term out

21 / 35

CD, Pen drive, Hard Disk, SD card are

22 / 35

CPU is the ________ of computer

23 / 35

________ is used to listen music

24 / 35

_________ is used to print the text on paper.

25 / 35

Computer needs ________ to do work.

26 / 35

_________ displays the output on the screen.

27 / 35

We ________ data using a keyboard

28 / 35

All hardware devices are connected to the

29 / 35

_________ gives us the hard copy of the output.

30 / 35

Computer needs ________ to do any work

31 / 35

Information is also known as

32 / 35

Monitor is also called

33 / 35

Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Speakers are

34 / 35

A set of programs that carries out specific task

35 / 35

_________ is a raw fact / figures

Disclaimer: This Mock is not organized by the respective departments. And also is not responsible for any errors in any circumstances.

Assam Direct Recruitment Exam Important Mock Test

Friends, in this chapter today we have brought you total Top  Questions and Answers GK Quiz for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV written exam of Assam Direct Recruitment. I hope you will be benefited from the exam from our chapter today. Don’t forget to participate in our telegram to get more Job Related update every day. Sports GK (General Knowledge) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on different sports and games for competitive examinations. A collection of sports questions. Maybe asked in various exams and quiz programs.

Online Test Series for Assam Direct Recruitment Exams 2022

The Assam State exams test series is prepared by subject experts and is as per the questions asked in the previous year papers, the exam pattern and the latest trend of the exam. TheAssam Direct Recruitment exams mock test covers all the important topics of the syllabus and teaches you the best manner to attempt the question paper for maximum marks. The Direct Recruitment Grade 3 & Grade 4 Exam Prep online test series for Assam state exams mimics the exam setting which also helps you to get used to the exam pressure while attempting the exam.

Free Assam Direct Recuitment Exams Grade 3 and Grade 4 Mock Test

Aspirants can attempt one free Assam state exams mock test for each exam to determine its value addition to your exam preparation. You can also gain insights into where you stand in your exam preparation and the improvements needed to reach the goal. The Assam state exams test series also provides additional details solution and explanation with each mock test for better understanding. Attempt a free Assam state exams mock test to get started and thereafter solve multiple expert grade mock tests to excel at your exam preparation.

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