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Assam Direct Recruitment Exam History Free Mock Test

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Assam Direct Recruitment Exam History Free Mock Test: Assam State exams mock test assist your exam preparation in a wide-ranging manner as it helps you complete the syllabus, revise in an exhaustive manner, practice for better implementation and assess your performance from time to time. The online test series for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade-III and Grade-IV exams 2022 help you prepare for various exams such as Assam Direct Recruitment, Grade 3 and Grade 4 Exam and more.

Friends, in this chapter today we have brought you total Top  Questions and Answers GK Quiz for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV written exam of Assam Direct Recruitment. I hope you will be benefited from the exam from our chapter today. Don’t forget to participate in our telegram to get more Job Related update every day. Sports GK (General Knowledge) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on different sports and games for competitive examinations. A collection of sports questions. Maybe asked in various exams and quiz programs.

Online Test Series for Assam Direct Recruitment Exams 2022

The Assam State exams test series is prepared by subject experts and is as per the questions asked in the previous year papers, the exam pattern and the latest trend of the exam. TheAssam Direct Recruitment exams mock test covers all the important topics of the syllabus and teaches you the best manner to attempt the question paper for maximum marks. The Direct Recruitment Grade 3 & Grade 4 Exam Prep online test series for Assam state exams mimics the exam setting which also helps you to get used to the exam pressure while attempting the exam.

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Free Assam Direct Recuitment Exams Grade 3 and Grade 4 Mock Test

Aspirants can attempt one free Assam state exams mock test for each exam to determine its value addition to your exam preparation. You can also gain insights into where you stand in your exam preparation and the improvements needed to reach the goal. The Assam state exams test series also provides additional details solution and explanation with each mock test for better understanding. Attempt a free Assam state exams mock test to get started and thereafter solve multiple expert grade mock tests to excel at your exam preparation.

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Welcome to All Job Assam of This Mock test is available in two languages – English and Assamese. If you want to take the Mock test, you can take the test by clicking on the link below.


History Mock Test free

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Which British official was killed during Phulaguri Dhawa ?

ফুলগুৰি ধোৱাৰ সময়ত কোনজন ব্ৰিটিছ বিষয়াক হত্যা কৰা হৈছিল ?

2 / 15

During the 1857 revolt, how many army regiments were posted in Assam ?

১৮৫৭ চনৰ বিদ্ৰোহৰ সময়ত অসমত কিমানটা সেনাৰ ৰেজিমেণ্ট স্থাপন হৈছিল ?

3 / 15

Revolutionaries of 1857 revolt wanted to place whom as the Mughal Emperor ?

১৮৫৭ চনৰ বিদ্ৰোহৰ বিপ্লৱীসকলে কাক মোগল সম্ৰাট হিচাপে স্থান দিব বিচাৰিছিল ?

4 / 15

The 1857 revolt started from which place ?

১৮৫৭ চনৰ বিদ্ৰোহ কোন ঠাইৰ পৰা আৰম্ভ হৈছিল ?

5 / 15

Who introduced Doctrine of Lapse policy ?

কোনে প্ৰৱৰ্তন কৰিছিল Doctrine of Lapse নীতি ?

6 / 15

Who introduced Subsidiary Alliance Policy ?

সহযোগী মিত্ৰতা নীতি কোনে প্ৰৱৰ্তন কৰিছিল ?

7 / 15

In which year was J W Quinton murdered ?

কোন বছৰত জে ডব্লিউ কুইণ্টনক হত্যা কৰা হৈছিল ?

8 / 15

Tikendrajit revolted against British rule from ?

9 / 15

Who led the revolt of the ethnic tribes of North Cachar in 1881 ?

১৮৮১ চনত উত্তৰ কাছাৰৰ জনগোষ্ঠীয় জনগোষ্ঠী সমূহৰ বিদ্ৰোহৰ নেতৃত্ব কোনে কৰিছিল ?

10 / 15

Who led the Jaintia Revolt in 1861 ?

১৮৬১ চনত জয়ন্তীয়া বিদ্ৰোহৰ নেতৃত্ব কোনে কৰিছিল ?

11 / 15

When did the peasant revolt of Patharughat take place ?

পাথৰুঘাটৰ কৃষক বিদ্ৰোহ কেতিয়া হৈছিল ?

12 / 15

When did the peasant revolt of Lachima take place ?

লাচিমাৰ কৃষক বিদ্ৰোহ কেতিয়া হৈছিল ?

13 / 15

Where is Lachima located ?

লাচিমা ক'ত অৱস্থিত ?

14 / 15

When did the peasant revolt of Rangia take place?

ৰঙিয়াৰ কৃষক বিদ্ৰোহ কেতিয়া হৈছিল?

15 / 15

What were the primary reasons of Phulaguri Dhawa ?

ফুলগুৰি ধৱাৰ প্ৰাথমিক কাৰণবোৰ কি আছিল?

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