Assam Grade III Exam 2023 Question And Answer (Solution)

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Good News!!! Assam Grade III Exam Importantant Question and Answer are available on this page. The aspirants who are willing to take the Assam Government Recruitment Grade 3 Examination can check the complete details furnished in this post. As per the recent notification, the Technical and Non-Technical, Grade III Exam Pattern and given the details of the Assam Grade 3 Selection Process, . We had taken all the details from the official website and arranged here for the sake of candidates who are appearing for the Examination. Similarly, the Assam Grde III Old Papers PDF download links are provided at the end of the page. Hence, go through the entire post to get detailed information on Assam Previous Papers.

Assam Grade III Exam 2023 Question And Answer

Q76. Who was the first Chief Justice of High Court of Assam ( Now known as Guwahati High Court)
(A) R. F. Lodge
(B) T. V. Thadani
(C) Sarjoo Prasad
(D) C. P. Sinha

Answer: (A) R. F. Lodge

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Q77. Who was the first Assamese Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court
(A) S.K Dutta
(B) M. C. Pathak
(C) Holiram Deka
(D) C. P. Sinha

Answer: (C) Holiram Deka

Q78. The Assam Medical College was formerly known as
(A) Berry White Medical School
(B) St. John Medical School
(C) Robert Brown Medical School
(D) St. Patrick Medical School

Answer: (A) Berry White Medical School

Q79. The first ever Lok Adalat at the Gauhati High Court was held in the year
(A) 1987
(B) 1988
(C) 1990
(D) 1991

Answer: (B) 1988

Q80. The Tezpur Mental Hospital was established in the year
(A) 1872
(B) 1876
(C) 1890
(D) 1902

Answer: (B) 1876

Q81. Who is the first Assamese to climb Mount Everest
(A) Manish Deka
(B) Tarun Saikia
(C) Bidyut Bora
(D) Abhinandan Bora

Answer: (B) Tarun Saikia

Q82. Jorhat Gymkhana Club which is the oldest golf course in Asia and the third oldest in the world was established in the year
(A) 1869
(B) 1872
(C) 1876
(D) 1887

Answer: (C) 1876

Q83. The first Aeroplane on North-Eastern soil was landed in which city
(A) Guwahati
(B) Jorhat
(C) Dibrugarh
(D) Sivsagar

Answer: (B) Jorhat

Q84. Which one is the largest man-made tanks in Assam
(A) Joysagar
(B) Gaurisagar
(C) Rudrasagar
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) Joysagar

Q85. By area wise Assam is the ________ biggest state in India
(A) 11th
(B) 14th
(C) 15th
(D) 17th

Answer: (D) 17th

Q86. In the Allahabad pillar inscription, Central Assam is mentioned as
(A) Kamrupa
(B) Pragjyotishpur
(C) Davaka
(D) Lohit

Answer: (C) Davaka

Q87. Mir Jumla who occupied Ahom capital Garhgaon was a Governor under ___________
(A) Jahangir
(B) Shah Jahan
(C) Aurangzeb
(D) Bahadur Shah I

Answer: (C) Aurangzeb

Q88. ‘Atmanusandhan’ is an autobiography written by
(A) Homen Borgohain
(B) Kanak Sen Deka
(C) Nagen Saikia
(D) Mahim Bora

Answer: (A) Homen Borgohain

Q89. Who was the first President of Assam Provincial Congress Committee
(A) Kuladhar Chaliha
(B) Bimala Prasad Chaliha
(C) Kanak Chandra Sarmah
(D) Krishna Nath Sarmah

Answer: (A) Kuladhar Chaliha

Q90. Which of the following was not a President of Assam Sahitya Sabha
(A) Chandradhar Barua
(B) Nalini Bala Devi
(C) Prasannalal Choudhury
(D) Bishnu Prasad Rabha

Answer: (D) Bishnu Prasad Rabha

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