Assam Recruitment Exam Geography/ ভূগোল Free Books

Assam Recruitment Exam Geography/ ভূগোল Free Books

If you are planning to appear for the Assam Direct Recruitment Exam then you must have good study material to prepare yourself. There are many resources that can help you prepare for this exam, including online tutorials, practice papers, and books.

These resources can help you to crack this exam by providing you with all the information you need. Geography is a subject that will require you to know the state’s geography.

For Assam Direct Recruitment 2022, you can read about the natural landscapes, wildlife sanctuaries, major rivers, and historical sites in the state. You can also focus on current affairs and Indian history and culture.

However, you must make sure to focus on the current events in Assam and the surrounding areas. This will help you pass this exam easily. Assam is an important state in India.

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ভূ-পৃষ্ঠৰ পৰিৱৰ্তনDownload
বায়ুমণ্ডলঃ গঠন, বায়ুৰ চাপ আৰু বায়ু প্ৰবাহDownload
ভাৰত বৰ্ষৰ ভূগোলDownload
অসমৰ ভূগোল IDownload
অৰ্থনৈতিক ভূগোলঃ বিষয়বস্ত আৰু সম্পদDownload
পৰিৱেশ আৰু পৰিৱেশৰ সমস্যাDownload
পৃথিৱীৰ ভূগোলDownload
অসমৰ ভূগোল IIDownload
পৃথিৱীৰ উপৰিভাগ আৰু ইয়াৰ পৰিৱৰ্তনDownload
পৃথিৱীৰ অভ্যন্তৰন ভাগDownload
ভূ-পৃষ্ঠত সময়ৰ গণনাDownload
ভাৰতৰ জলবায়ু, প্ৰাকৃতিক উদ্ভিদ, কৃষি আৰু জনসংখ্যাDownload
অসমৰ সম্পদDownload
আমাৰ পৰিৱেশDownload