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Assam Secretariat Service 2013- Previous Question Paper Analysis & Solution

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Assam Secretariat Service 2013- Previous Question Paper Analysis & Solution: Assam Secretariat notified in 2017 for the recruitment of 174 posts of Junior Administrative Assistant in Assam Secretariat (Janata Bhawan).

We will analyze the old question paper from the Assam Secretariat Service 2013 Paper I, which also has three parts (Engligh, GK and Quants), which will certainly be very useful in understanding the requirements and standard question I (Written Test) question paper. Scheduled for 28.01.2018

Assam Secretariat Administration Department of India JAA Model Papers | Assam Secretariat Administration Department JAA Exam Sample Papers

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

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Candidates can download the Assam Secretariat Administration Department JAA Previous year Question Papers on this page. Here, we are providing the Assam Secretariat Jr Administrative Assistant Previous Papers for various subjects. CAssam Secretariat Administration Department on the below Assam Secretariat Administration Department of India JAA Exam Papers link to download the Assam Secretariat Administration Department JAA Model Papers PDF files. Keep visiting our website www.JobNewsAssam.in for more updates like Previous Papers, Syllabus, Latest Government Jobs, Assam Secretariat Administration Department Jobs, Defence Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Bank Jobs, etc..

Paper I

Part A: General English (30 Qs)

Q1-3: meaning of idiom/phrase

Q4-8 : choose the best substitute for the given words/sentences

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Q9-15: find the error part of the sentence

Q16-20 : synonyms

Q21-25: fill in the blank with one of the four alternative

Q26-30: Proper sequencing of jumbled up sentence parts

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Part B: General Knowledge (40 Qs)

Q31. Article which provide the Parliament the power to amend the Constitution

Ans. Article 368

Q32. One difference b/n Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy

Ans. FR are justiciable, while DPSP are not

Q33. ‘Zero Hour’ in Parliament used to mean

Ans. Period before  Parliament session begins

(Zero Hour may be defined as the interregnum between the end of Question Hour and the beginning of the regular listed business in the House. In other words it is the time which begins at 12 o’clock after Question.)

Q34. Tides in oceans are caused by

Ans. Gravitational pull of moon and sun

Q35. Black Holes are celestial bodies which have a strong

Ans. Gravitational force

Q36. In Einstein Equation E=mc2 , c denote

Ans. Velocity of light

Q37. ‘Sustainable development’ is

Ans. Concept of meeting the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Q38. Intellectual Property Rights means

Ans. Rules that protect the owners of content through copyright patents, trade marks etc.

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Q39. C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for physics in 1929 for

Ans. Invention of ‘Raman Effect’

Q40. Diff. b/n Indian standard time and Greenwich Mean Time is

Ans. 5 ½ hours

Q41. World Environment Day is observed on

Ans. 5 June

Q42. Causes of earthquakes is mainly

Ans. Tectonic forces

Q43. The rise of sun in the east and setting in the west is due to

Ans. Rotation of earth about it’s axis

Q44. Right to Information Act comes into force on

Ans. 12 October 2005

Q45. UNO was established in

Ans. 1945

Q46. ‘Yandaboo Treaty’ b/n the Burmese and the British was signed on

Ans. 24 February 1826

Q47. The first Viceroy of India after power was transferred from East India Company to the Crown was

Ans. Lord Canning

Q48. Assamese novel ‘Mayabritta’ has been authored by

Ans. Rita Choudhury

Q49. Who directed the film ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara’?

Ans. Jahnu Barua

Q50. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was conferred upon Dada Saheb Phalke award in the year

Ans. 1992

Q51. Prasar Bharati came into existence with AIR and Doordarshan as its constituents in the year

Ans. 1997

Q52. As per the 2011 census, India’s total population is

Ans. 1207 million

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Q53. What is 49th parallel?

Ans. Border line b/n USA and Canada

Q54. Pituitary gland is located at the base of

Ans. Brain

Q55. 1 GB is

Ans. 1024 MB

Q56. ‘Junk Mail’  refers to

Ans. unwanted or unsolicited advertising or promotional mail

(From given options – (c) Unidentified mail)

Q57. Which of the following is not an India author writing in English

Ans. Sunil Gangopadhyaya

( Other options were Arup Kr Dutta, Sanjoy Hazrika and Amitabh Ghosh)

Q58. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India

Ans. Montek Singh Ahluwalia

(Now NITI Aayog has replaced the erstwhile Planning Commission)

Q59. When did India initiated the process of economic reform in a comprehensive way?

Ans. 1991

Q60. What is Agmark?

Ans. Test of purity in agricultural products like veg oil etc.

Q61. BPO means

Ans. Business Process Outsourcing

Q62. Who was the President of first session of Assam Sahitya Sabha held at Sivasagar in 1917

Ans. Padmanath Gohain Baruah

( Sarat Chandra Goswami was the first secretary of the Sabha )

Q63. The Book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is authored by

Ans. Nelson Mandela

Q64. Buddhist literature was written in

Ans. Pali

( Though many literature are written in Sanskrit and Prakrit also)

Q65. NCERT stand for

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Ans. National Council of Educational Research and Training

Q66. ISBN stand for

Ans. International Standard Book Number

Q67. Who is India’s first ever Individual Olympic gold medalist?

Ans. Abhinav Bindra

Q68. Where will the 17th Asian games be held in 2014?

Ans. Incheon in South Korea

Q69. The captain of the Indian Football Team in 1948 London Olympics was from Assam. Who was he?

Ans. Talimeran Ao

( He was from Changki,  Hills District of erstwhile Assam. He was India’s First Football Captain)

Q70. How many players are there in a Basketball team?

Ans. 5

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Part C: Quantitative Aptitude (30 Qs)

Q71. Sets and Union

Q72. Ratio

Q73. Ratio of area of squares

Q74. Number: Find rational number

Q75. Characteristics of geometric figures

Q76. Simple division and share

Q77. Property of Inequality symbol

Q78. Root: Write cube root(8) = 2 in logarithmic form

Q79. Simple Interest

Q80. Profit, Loss and Discount

Q81. Trigonometry: if Cos A=4/5, then value of Tan A is ?

Q82. Trigonometry: Height and distance – Pole height, Shadow length and angle of elevation

Q83. Number: Find the two no. whose product is 143 and sum is 24?

Q84. Simple division and share

Q85. Geometry: Volume conversion from cylinder to cone

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Q86. Geometry: Area of a sphere with radius of 4 cm?

Q87. Number property

Q88. Arithmetic mean

Q89. Calculation (smart)

Q90. Divisibility test of 3

Q91. Geometry: right angled triangle – Hypotenuse-height-base relation

Q92. Number: two consecutive odd +ve integers, sum of whose square is 290?

Q93. Relation b/n Speed in upstream and downstream and stream speed

Q94. Geometry: IF rectangle with perimeter 80m and area of 375 m2. Find length and breadth?

Q95. Quadratic equation

Q96. Arithmetic mean of set 1,2,3,4,5,….,n is

Q97. Geometry: if each interior angle of regular polygon is 150 degree, then it is a ?

Q98. Permutation and Combination: how many way can the letters of word ‘PRIDE’ be arranged?

Q99. Work and man days

Q100. A car travels 50 mtr in 5 seconds. The speed in km/hr is?

Download Last 5 years Assam Secretariat Junior Administrative Assistant Samplal Papers

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Assam Secretariat JAA Previous Question papers PDF

ASAD Jr Administrative Assistant  Model Question Papers PDF 

Assam Secretariat Junior Administrative Assistant Previous Papers PDF

Assam Secretariat Jr Administrative Assistant Model Papers 

ASAD JAA Previous Papers

Assam Secretariat Administrative Department Previous papers

Assam SAD JAA Sample papers

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