Class 12 Assamese Question Answer Assam | সাহিত্য সৌৰভ | দ্বিতীয় বাৰ্ষিক | Higher Secondary Second Year Assamese | HS 2nd Year Assamese | Assamese Notes and Suggestion

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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As the second year of higher secondary education in Assam comes to a close, students are gearing up for their final exams. One of the most important subjects in the Assam higher secondary curriculum is Assamese, or সাহিত্য সৌৰভ. To help students prepare, this article will provide an overview of the Class 12 Assamese curriculum, including question-answer resources, notes, and suggestions.

Understanding the Class 12 Assamese Curriculum

Overview of the Curriculum (H2)

The Assam higher secondary curriculum for Assamese includes a diverse range of topics, including Assamese poetry, prose, drama, and language. Students are required to study the works of various authors, including Lakhminath Bezbaruah, Hiren Bhattacharya, Hemchandra Barua, and Bhabendranath Saikia.

Importance of the Curriculum (H2)

Studying Assamese literature in Class 12 is crucial for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture of Assam. It is also an essential part of the preparation for various competitive exams, such as the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Difficulty Level of the Curriculum (H2)

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The Class 12 Assamese curriculum is generally considered to be challenging, as it involves the study of a vast amount of literature and language. However, with dedication and hard work, students can achieve excellent results.

Question-Answer Resources for Class 12 Assamese (H2)

Importance of Question-Answer Resources (H3)

Question-answer resources are essential for students preparing for their exams, as they provide a quick and efficient way to revise important topics and concepts.

Where to Find Question-Answer Resources (H3)

There are several online resources available for Class 12 Assamese question-answer preparation, including websites such as,, and Additionally, students can refer to textbooks and previous year question papers for practice.

Tips for Using Question-Answer Resources (H3)

When using question-answer resources, it is important to focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing the answers. Students should also try to solve the questions on their own before referring to the answers.

Notes and Suggestions for Class 12 Assamese (H2)

Importance of Notes and Suggestions (H3)

Notes and suggestions can help students understand the concepts better and provide guidance on how to approach the exam.

Where to Find Notes and Suggestions (H3)

Several online resources offer notes and suggestions for Class 12 Assamese, including sites like,, and Additionally, students can refer to textbooks and consult with their teachers for additional guidance.

Tips for Using Notes and Suggestions (H3)

When using notes and suggestions, students should focus on understanding the concepts rather than simply memorizing them. Additionally, it is important to practice writing answers and essays to ensure that the concepts are fully understood.

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