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Class 12 physics NCERT solutions: Download PDF and free video class

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Class 12 physics NCERT solutions: Download all Class 12 physics NCERT solutions. Here you will find all chapters from both class 12 books. We will be giving solutions of each sub topic. Get physics problems and solutions for class 12 PDF.  All topics from ray optics,atoms and nuclei. Also find the exemplar, notes and video lectures for all topics. Get the best video classes for free on the hardest topics on physics.

Class 12 physics NCERT solutions


Class 12 physics NCERT solutions for all chapters

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Here are list of all chapters and their topics. We will give the notes on each question, exemplar and video concept lectures. Also for personal guide register a account for free. And we will give you free guidance for free.

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 1

The chapter 1 is ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELDS. Here are many sub topics like Electric Charges, Basic Properties of Electric Charge, Coulomb’s Law. Get all the solutions and answers. Also ask for any problem in the comment below or register an account for more. Registering an account and getting the answer is totally free.

  1. Electric Charges
  2.  Conductors and Insulators
  3.  Charging by Induction
  4. Basic Properties of Electric Charge
  5.  Coulomb’s Law
  6.  Forces between Multiple Charges
  7. Electric Field
  8. Electric Field Lines
  9.  Electric Flux
  10.  Electric Dipole
  11. Dipole in a Uniform External Field
  12.  Continuous Charge Distribution
  13.  Gauss’s Law
  14.  Application of Gauss’s Law

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 2

This chapter is ELECTROSTATIC POTENTIAL AND CAPACITANCE. This is the 2nd chapter in the physics. Now to counter this chapter you need to complete the first chapter. Because both these chapter comes under electrostatic. This chapter consists of topics like Electrostatic Potential, Potential due to a Point Charge and Potential Energy of a System of Charges. Also do look our video classes on ELECTROSTATIC POTENTIAL AND CAPACITANCE.

  1. Electrostatic Potential
  2.  Potential due to a Point Charge
  3.  Potential due to an Electric Dipole
  4. Potential due to a System of Charges
  5. Equipotential Surfaces
  6. Potential Energy of a System of Charges
  7.  Potential Energy in an External Field
  8.  Electrostatics of Conductors
  9.  Dielectrics and Polarisation
  10.  Capacitors and Capacitance
  11.  The Parallel Plate Capacitor
  12. Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance
  13. Combination of Capacitors
  14.  Energy Stored in a Capacitor
  15. Van de Graaff Generator


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 3

This chapter is CURRENT ELECTRICITY. This is not a part of electrostatic. But the concept of the electrostatic is important in this chapter. This chapter will bring some of the very important topics that is needed in the future. Like Ohm’s law, Resistivity, Kirchhoff’s Laws etc. Now for the video lectures of these class check out our channel.

  1.  Electric Current
  2.  Electric Currents in Conductors
  3. Ohm’s law
  4. Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity
  5.  Limitations of Ohm’s Law
  6.  Resistivity of various Materials
  7. Temperature Dependence of Resistivity
  8.  Electrical Energy, Power
  9.  Combination of Resistors — Series and Parallel
  10.  Cells, emf, Internal Resistance
  11.  Cells in Series and in Parallel
  12.  Kirchhoff’s Laws
  13.  Wheatstone Bridge
  14.  Meter Bridge
  15.  Potentiometer

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 4

This chapter is MOVING CHARGES AND MAGNETISM. This is the first chapter of magnetic forces. Here you will learn a lot about magnetic forces. This topic is also very important for JEE and NEET. This chapter involves topics like Magnetic Force, Ampere’s Circuital Law, The Moving Coil Galvanometer etc.


  1. Magnetic Force
  2. Motion in a Magnetic Field
  3. Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Fields
  4.  Magnetic Field due to a Current Element, Biot-Savart Law
  5. Magnetic Field on the Axis of a Circular Current Loop
  6. Ampere’s Circuital Law
  7. The Solenoid and the Toroid
  8. Force between Two Parallel Currents, the Ampere
  9.  Torque on Current Loop, Magnetic Dipole
  10. The Moving Coil Galvanometer


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 5

This chapter is MAGNETISM AND MATTER. This is the second chapter of magnetic forces. Now this chapter focuses on the magnetic effects on different mater on earth. This chapter involves topics like Bar Magnet, Magnetism and Gauss’s Law, Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity, Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets.

  1. The Bar Magnet
  2. Magnetism and Gauss’s Law
  3. The Earth’s Magnetism
  4. Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity
  5. Magnetic Properties of Materials
  6.  Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 6

This chapter is ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION. This chapter is not something that you can start studying just from the get go. To learn and understand this chapter you need to know some of the basic or higher standard stuff of other chapters like Electrostatics or magnetism

  1. Magnetic Flux
  2. Faraday’s Law of Induction
  3. Lenz’s Law and Conservation of Energy
  4. Motional Electromotive Force
  5. Energy Consideration: A Quantitative Study
  6. Eddy Currents
  7. Inductance
  8. AC Generator


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 7

This chapter is ALTERNATING CURRENT. This chapter involves the current elasticity in AC form. Ac is a important part of current. Class 12 physics NCERT solutions for this chapter is ready and you can get the full explanation on our videos too.

  1.  AC Voltage Applied to a Resistor
  2. Representation of AC Current and Voltage by Rotating Vectors — Phasors
  3.  AC Voltage Applied to an Inductor 237AC Voltage Applied to a Capacitor
  4.  AC Voltage Applied to a Series LCR Circuit
  5. Power in AC Circuit: The Power Factor
  6.  LC Oscillations
  7.  Transformers


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 8

This chapter is ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES. This chapter is about the involvement of waves around the electromagnetic forces. Now this chapter includes topics like Displacement Current, Electromagnetic Waves etc.

  1.  Displacement Current
  2.  Electromagnetic Waves
  3. Electromagnetic Spectrum

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 9

This chapter is RAY OPTICS AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. This chapter is the first for the optics part. This is very complex and important part. Please don’t miss our videos. It will be helpful for JEE and NEET. Get the free PDF and more.

  1.  Reflection of Light by Spherical Mirrors
  2.  Refraction
  3.  Total Internal Reflection
  4.  Refraction at Spherical Surfaces and by Lenses
  5.  Refraction through a Prism
  6.  Dispersion by a Prism
  7.  Some Natural Phenomena due to Sunlight
  8.  Optical Instruments

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 10

This chapter is WAVE OPTICS. This is the second part of optics. Now this chapter includes topics like Huygens Principle, Polarization etc. We have our video classes for this chapter. Also free PDF and NCERT Solutions.

  1. Huygens Principle
  2. Refraction and reflection of plane waves using Huygens Principle
  3.  Coherent and Incoherent Addition of Waves
  4. Interference of Light Waves and Young’s Experiment
  5.  Diffraction
  6.  Polarization

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 11

This chapter is DUAL NATURE OF RADIATION AND MATTER. Now this chapter involves some new concept. Topics like Electron Emission, Photoelectric Effect and Davisson and Germer Experiment etc.

  1. Electron Emission
  2. Photoelectric Effect
  3. Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect
  4. Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light
  5.  Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation: Energy Quantum of Radiation
  6.  Particle Nature of Light: The Photon
  7.  Wave Nature of Matter
  8. Davisson and Germer Experiment

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 12

This chapter is ATOMS. Now this chapter requires some basic concepts of previous chapters. We have bet PDF notes for this chapter. You can use it for CBSE exam and other exams to. Look at our video classes for more depth knowledge.

  1. Alpha-particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom
  2. Atomic Spectra
  3. Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom
  4. The Line Spectra of the Hydrogen Atom
  5. DE Broglie’s Explanation of Bohr’s Second Postulate of Quantisation


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 13

This chapter is NUCLEI. These chapters involve new concepts. So make sure that you look our free video classes. It will give you a better understanding of the topics in physical world.

  1. Atomic Masses and Composition of Nucleus
  2. Size of the Nucleus
  3.  Nuclear Force
  4.  Radioactivity
  5.  Nuclear Energy

NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 14

This chapter is SEMICONDUCTOR ELECTRONICS: MATERIALS, DEVICES AND SIMPLE CIRCUITS. This chapter is not the easiest. I in my early days got lots of difficulty in this chapter. Later I got to know that this chapter was about focus mostly. Because this chapter has some really complecated stuff. So practice is a must. And do look at our videos, it will certainly help make you concept clear. And it free.

  1. Classification of Metals, Conductors and Semiconductors
  2. Intrinsic Semiconductor
  3. Extrinsic Semiconductor
  4.  p-n Junction
  5.  Semiconductor diode
  6. Application of Junction Diode as a Rectifier
  7. Special Purpose p-n Junction Diodes
  8. Junction Transistor
  9.  Digital Electronics and Logic Gates
  10. Integrated Circuits


NCERT solution for class 12 physics chapter 15

This chapter is COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS. This is the last chapter of the class 12 NCERT physics book. You will have some direct question coming from this book in CBSE,JEE and NEET exams for sure. Many students neglect this chapter thinking its easy and not important. Look at our PDF and it consists of all questions that have come in recent exams.

  1. Elements of a Communication System
  2.  Basic Terminology Used in Electronic Communication Systems
  3.  Bandwidth of Signals
  4. Bandwidth of Transmission Medium
  5.  Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
  6.  Modulation and its Necessity
  7. Amplitude Modulation
  8. Production of Amplitude Modulated Wave
  9.  Detection of Amplitude Modulated Wave


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