District A.H. & Vety Assam Tender Notice

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Introduction: Seeking Experienced Contractors for “Rural Backyard Goat / Sheep Development Scheme”

The District A.H. & Vety office Charaideo, Sonari is inviting sealed tenders from eligible Govt. Registered Contractors/Suppliers/Farms with experience in Livestock dealing for the supply of livestock and related items. This tender is part of the implementation of “Rural Backyard Goat/Sheep Development Scheme” Phase-II, a crucial initiative under the National Livestock Mission (NLM) in the district.

Tender Details

1. Tender Submission: Tender papers affixing a non-refundable court fee of Rs. 8.25 (Rupee Eight and twenty-five paisa) only should be submitted on plain paper. The submission window opens from 11:00 am on 18th July 2023 and closes at 2:00 pm on 16th August 2023. The tender opening will take place at 2:30 pm on the same day and location, in the presence of tenderers or their representatives.

2. Alternate Submission Date: In case the tender date coincides with a holiday or bandh, or due to any unforeseen reason, the next working day will be considered the last date for tender receipt and opening.

Terms & Conditions

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The interested tenderers must adhere to the following terms and conditions to be eligible for consideration:

1. Quotation Basis

The Tenderer should provide their rates on a flat percentage basis, both in words and figures.

2. Required Documents

The tender must include the following documents (photocopy):

(A) Up-to-date GST Registration Certificate. (B) Up-to-date Labour License. (C) Up-to-date Trade License. (D) PAN & Aadhaar Card.

3. Delivery Timeline

The successful bidder must supply the goats and other materials to the doorsteps of the beneficiaries and complete the process within 20 days from the date of issue of the work order.

4. Payment Structure

The payment for the project will be as follows:

  • 5% of the total amount, i.e. Rs. 3300/- X 10 clusters = Rs. 33000/-, will be paid by the beneficiaries.
  • The remaining amount will be paid by the Government.

5. Quality Standards

The supplied goats will be accepted based on sound health certificates from the local Veterinary Officer. Other materials must also be in good condition.

6. Insurance Requirement

The supplier is responsible for insuring the animals for three years on behalf of the beneficiaries.

7. Labor and Delivery Costs

The department will not bear any labor and delivery costs.

8. Earnest Money

The tender must be accompanied by requisite earnest money in the form of a Bank Draft/NSC duly pledged in favor of the District AH & Vety Officer, Charaideo.

9. Office Visit

Before submitting the tender, interested parties should review the detailed terms & conditions and other particulars of the works at the office of the undersigned.

10. Billing and Completion

The successful bidder will be required to submit the bill with full vouchers, related photographs, and a completion certificate from the concerned Veterinary Officers upon finishing the works within the stipulated date.

11. Payment Approval

Payment will be made after approval of the bill by the Chairman DLMC, Charaideo.

12. Right to Reject

The tender committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tender papers without assigning any reason.

district a.h. vety assam tender notice


This tender notice presents an opportunity for experienced contractors, suppliers, and farms to contribute to the implementation of the “Rural Backyard Goat/Sheep Development Scheme” Phase-II in the district. Interested parties must adhere to the specified terms and conditions for a successful bid. The district aims to boost livestock development and enhance rural livelihoods through this crucial initiative under the National Livestock Mission (NLM).

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