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English, Class-XI, Question Paper Solution of HS 1st Year Exam 2022, Section-C, Grammar, Part-1

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Class 11 English Model Question Papers for AHSEC 2022: Collection of previous year question papers / model question papers / sample question papers is the best way to analyze your preparation level for any board exam.

While preparing for SEBA Board Exam / CBSE Board Exam / AHSEC Board Exam, if you are stuck at a stage where you are not sure what exactly you should study and if you are unaware of the question pattern. Here you can find the Class 11 English Model Question Papers for AHSEC 2022

Class 11 English | HS 1st Year Model Questions Paper for AHSEC 2022


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English Medium: Click Here

Full Marks : 90

Pass Marks : 27

Time : Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions



1. Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow 

Look at the opposition between the pen and the sword. The sword can only destroy, ideas also can destroy – the ideas of Bolshevism destroyed Czarism; the ideas of Voltaire and Rousseau destroyed the French aristocracy. But ideas can also build, whereas the sword can only destroy.

It is in fact the power of ideas which has brought us out of barbarism into such civilization as we have been able to achieve. “In what”, asked Aristotle, ” Does man differ from the animal ?” and answered, “it is by virtue of a reason.” The greatnes

s of man consists in his thinking. The universe is vast, and man is tiny, but man has one advantage over the universe. He Knows it is vast and he is tiny, but the universe does not.

In this sense, that it is to ideas and not to violence, to the pen and not to the sword, that man owes whatever has distinguished him from animals, whatever has enabled him to rise above a purely savage condition. For the pen is the vehicle of thought, and it is by thought that man is enabled to voyage through the infinite in philosophy, to unlock the secrets of the universe, to create beauty and to commune with God.


a. (i) What destroyed Czarism ? 1

(ii) Who were responsible for the fall of the French aristocracy ? 1

(iii) What has brought humankind out of barbarism into civilization ? 1

(iv) What does the pen represent here ? 1

(v) How do ideas and the sword differ from each other ? 2

(vi) What, according to Aristotle, makes man different from the animal ? 2

(vii) What is the one advantages that man has over the universe ? 2

b. Pick out words from the passage that mean the following: 1×2 = 2

(i) People of noble birth or rank.

(ii) Primitive condition.

2. Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow :

1.      There are two problems which cause great worry to our educationists – the problem of religious and moral instruction in a land of many faiths and the problem arising out of a large variety of languages.

2.      Taking up the education of children, we see that they should be trained to love one another, to be kind and helpful to all, to be tender towards the lower animals and to observe and think right. The task of teaching them how to read and write and to count and calculate is important, but it should not make us lose sight of the primary aim of moulding personality in the right way.

3.      For this, it is necessary to call into aid, culture, tradition and religion. But in our country we have, in the same school, to look after boys and girls born in different faiths and belonging to families that live diverse ways of life and follow different forms of worship associated with different denominations of religion. It will not do to tread the easy path of evading the difficulty by attending solely to physical culture and intellectual education. We have to evolve a suitable teaching method for seving the spiritual needs of school children professing different faiths. We should thereby promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, a fuller understanding and helpful cooperation among the different communities in our society. Again we must remain one people and we have therefore to give basic training in our schools to speak and understand more languages than one and to appreciate and respect the different religions prevailing in India. It is not right for us in India to be dissuaded from this by considerations as to overtaking the young mind. What is necessary must be done.

4.      Any attempt to do away with or steamroll the differences through governmental coercion and indirect pressure would be as futile as it would be unwise. Any imposition of a single way of life and form of worship on all children or neglect of a section of the pupils in this respect or barren secularization will lead to conflict between school and home life which is harmful. On the other hand, if we give due recognition to the different prevailing faiths in the educational institutions by organising suitable facilities for religious teaching for boys and girls of all communities, this may itself serve as a broadening influence of great national value.


A. On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it, using recognizable abbreviations whenever necessary. Add a suitable title to it.    5

B. Make summary of the above passage in about 80 words. 3

Class 11 English Sample Questions Paper for AHSEC 2022



3. You are arranging an excursion trip to Shillong planned in the last week of April. Write a paragraph on your preparations to your classmates in about 100 words given all relevant details. 6


You are Gopal / Anita of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Karimganj. Your School has organised a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Write a report in 100 – 125 words as an editor for your school magazine, on this widely acclaimed activity.  6

4.  Write a speech to be delivered in the school/college morning assembly on the Use of science and technology in making India’s future better.  6


You are concerned about the reckless feeling of trees leading to environment degradation. Write an article on ‘Grow more trees’ to be published in your school magazines in about 100-150 words.  6

5. You are Nitin/Nikita. You have an advertisement in “The Assam Tribune” for a post of a Sales Executive in a Multi National company. Write an application for the post, giving detailed CV. 8


Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to make people in your locality who don’t follow COVID-19 rules aware of importance of following them.   8

AHSEC Class 11th/ HS 1st Year English Questions Paper 2022



6. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners : ½ × 2 = 1

(i) I remember …… name now. It’s Nini.

(ii) He heard it with his …… ears.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given in brackets : ½ × 2 = 1

(i) The Prime Minister (come) here tomorrow.

(ii) The dog (eat) all his food and begged for more.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate model auxiliaries (the sense of the sentence is indicated in the bracket) : ½ × 2 = 1

(i) _____ you move your chair a bit please ? (ability)

(ii) Students ____ prepare their lessons well. (compulsion)

(d) Correct the following : ½ × 2 = 1

(i) Guwahati is one of the oldest city in the country.

(ii) The man is a social animal.

7. (a) Complete the following piece of conversation by choosing the correct alternative from the brackets : 1× 2 = 2

(i) The man said to me, “…….. you a student ? (are/do)

(ii) He replied, “I am writing a few essays as part of my ……… for the examination.” (preparing/preparation)

(b) Rewrite the following sentences as directed : 1× 2 = 2

(i) She is most intelligent girl in the class. (Use the comperative degree of ‘intelligent’)

(ii) The Rajdhani Express runs faster than any other train. (Make it  positive degree)

8. Rearrange the words in the following to form meaningful sentences : 1× 2 = 2

(i) Playing football for an hour he had been i when his house reached.

(ii) Shyam not know swim does to how.

Class 11 English Model Questions Paper for AHSEC 2022 Pdf 


(Textual Questions)

9. Read any one of the stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow :

(a) I do not understand this child

Though we have lived together now

In the same house for years, I know

Nothing of him, so try to build

Up a relationship from now

He was when small.

i. Where do these lines occur ? 1

ii. Why does the speaker say that he does not know this child ? 1

iii. For how long have the father and son lived together ? 1

iv. What does the speaker try to build ? 1

v. What ideas do you form about the relationship between the father and son from the quoted lines ? 4


(b) And who art thou ? said I to the soft-falling shower,

Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated;

I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain

Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,

(i) Where do these lines occur ? 1

(ii) How does the shower fall ? 1

(iii) What does the poet ask the rain ? 1

(iv) Find a word in the passage that refer to “something that can not be touched” ? 1

(v) Why does the rain describe itself as the poem of earth ? 2

10. Answer any two of the following questions : 3× 2 = 6

(a) What does rain do day and night ?

(b) According to the poet what could not be found in geography textbooks in the poem ‘Childhood’ ?

(c) Whose transient feet is the poet talking about ? Why are they transient ? 

(d) What does the father think of his ‘prodigal’ son ?

11. Answer any five of the following questions: 2× 5= 10

(a) What the difference between village school education and urban school education is as brought out in the lesson ‘The Portrait of a Lady ? 

(b) How has Nek Chand received international recognition ?

(c) What do you know about the earth’s biological systems and their functions ?

(d) What is Verrier Elwin saying to the people of the Assam hill ?

(e) How did stories such as the one about Wu Daozi play an important role in China’s classical education ? 

(f) What are the different ways in which we come to know that the author’s grandmother was a deeply religious person ? 

12. (a) “The earth’s vital signs reveal a patient in declining health” Elucidate.  6


(b) Cite reasons to validate whether the distancing relationship between the author and his grandmother was deliberate or beyond their control. 6

13. Describe the circumstances leading to Albert getting a medical certificate issued declaring him unfit to continue school. 6


(b) English integrates India as a nation. Discuss with examples from the story ‘Ranga’s marriage.’ 6

14. Answer any two of the following in brief : 2×2=4

(a) Why does Einstein think that learning facts is no education at all ?

(b) What does the narrator mention as a priceless commodity in the lesson Ranga’s marriage ‘?

(c) How does the example of Einstein prove that the school systems ends up by curbing individual talent?

English, Class-XI, Question Paper Solution of HS 1st Year Exam 2022, Section-C, Grammar, Part-1


After watching this video you will learn about English, Class XI, Question Paper Solution of HS 1st Year Exam 2022.

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