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Excel Formula List PDF Download

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Excel Formula List PDF Download

Excel Formula List PDF download link is given at the bottom of this article. You can direct download PDF of Excel Formula List for free using the download button.

Excel Formula List PDF Summary

Friends, today we have brought Excel Formula List PDF / Excel Formula List PDF for you, in which you will get to read all the formulas of MS Excel. The ms excel formula calculates the mean by adding a set of numbers and then dividing the sum by the count of those numbers. In Microsoft Excel, the mean can be calculated by using one of the following functions: AVERAGE – Returns the average number. A formula is an expression that calculates the value of a cell. Functions are predefined formulas and are already available in Excel.
Functions are predefined formulas in Excel. They eliminate laborious manual entry of formulas by giving them human-friendly names. For example: =SUM(A1:A3). The function sums all the values ​​in A1 through A3.

Excel Formula List PDF | Excel Formula List PDF

SUM Excel Formula : SUM(number1, [number2] )
AVERAGE Excel Formula : AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)
MAX & MIN Excel Formula : =MAX(A2:A5)
COUNT & COUNTA Formula : COUNT(value1, [value2], …)
IF Excel Formula : IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])
TRIM Excel Formula : = TRIM(A1)
LEN Excel Formula : =LEN (text)
CONCATENATE Excel Formula : CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)
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When analyzing data, there are five common ways to insert basic Excel formulas. Each strategy comes with its own advantages. So, before going further into the main formulas, we will explain those methods so that you can first create your preferred workflow.
By clicking on the link given below, you can download Excel Formula List PDF / Excel Formula List PDF for free.

To make all this work, you have to enter the formula in the cell.

Don’t waste any more time doing all this stuff manually in Microsoft Excel. There are many ways to use Excel formulas to reduce the amount of time you spend in Excel and increase the accuracy of your data and reports.

The objective of this tutorial is to teach you the essentials of Excel functions and how to use basic formulas in Excel.

1) I am Excel Formulas

The first Excel function you should be familiar with is SUM, which performs the basic arithmetic operation of addition.

Syntax Of SUM Function:

The syntax of the SUM function is as follows:

SUM(number1, [number2] ,…)

Syntax Of SUM Function

The first argument to the SUM function is required, the other numbers are optional, and you can pass up to 255 numbers in a formula.

That means, your SUM formula must include at least 1 number, cell, or cell range reference.

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Example of SUM Function 

For example:

=SUM(A1:A5) – This cell adds the value of the cells from A1 to A5.

=SUM(A2, A5) – This cell adds the values ​​of cells A2 and A5.

=SUM(A2:A5)/5 – Adds the values ​​of cells A1 to A5 and divides the sum by 5.

In your Excel worksheet, this formula might look something like this:

Example of SUM Function

Tip – The fastest way to sum a column or row is to select the cells next to these cells and click the AutoSum button on the Home tab.

2) AVERAGE Excel Formula

Excel’s AVERAGE function finds the average (arithmetic mean) of numbers.

Syntax Of AVERAGE Function:

The syntax of the AVERAGE function is as follows:

AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)

where number1, [number2], etc. are one or more numbers (or references to cells containing numbers) whose average you want to calculate.

Example of AVERAGE Function:

For example:



Example of AVERAGE Function

3) MAX & MIN Excel Formula

The MAX and MIN formulas in Excel find the largest and smallest value, respectively, of a set of numbers.

Example of MAX & MIN Function :

For example:



MAX & MIN Excel Formula

4) COUNT & COUNTA Formula

If you want to know how many cells in a sales range contain numeric values ​​(numbers or dates), don’t waste your time counting them manually. Excel’s COUNT function will count in a single second.

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Syntax Of COUNT Function:

The syntax of the COUNT function is as follows:

COUNT(value1, [value2], …)

While the COUNT function only counts cells that contain numbers, Excel’s COUNTA function counts all cells that are not blank, whether they contain numbers, dates, times, text, logical values ​​of TRUE and FALSE. Values ​​can be errors or empty text strings (“”).

Syntax Of COUNTA Function:

The syntax of the COUNTA function is as follows:

COUNTA (value1, [value2], …)

Example of COUNT & COUNTA Function :

For example, to find out how many numbers are in column A, use this formula:


To count all non-empty cells in column A, use this formula:


Example of COUNT & COUNTA Function

In both formulas, you’re referencing cells in the entire A column.

5) IF Excel Formula

When you use the IF formula in Excel, then you tell Excel to test some conditions and when this condition is met, Excel returns a value or does a calculation, and if this condition is not met, Excel does another Performs value or other calculations.

Syntax Of IF Function:

The syntax of the IF function is as follows:

IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

In simple language –

IF(if something is true, then do something, otherwise do something else)

So an IF statement can have two results. If your comparison is true then the first result, otherwise the second result.

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Example of IF Function :

For example, if students have marks above 35 then they are PASS and if they have less than 35 marks then they are FAIL.

=IF(A2>=35, “PASS”, “FAIL”)

6) TRIM Excel Formula

Excel’s TRIM function removes extra spaces from words and does not place a single space character at the start or end of the text.

There are several ways to remove unwanted spaces in Excel, with the TRIM function being the easiest:

Syntax Of TRIM Function:

The syntax of TRIM function is as follows:


Example of TRIM Function :

For example, to remove all extra spaces in the A column, enter the following formula in cell A1, and then copy it down the column:

= TRIM(A1)

Excel Formulas Hindi

This will remove all extra whitespace in the cells and leave only one space character between the words.

7) LEN Excel Formula

Use LEN whenever you want to know how many characters are in a cell.

Syntax Of LEN Function:

The syntax of LEN function is as follows:

=LEN (text)

Example of LEN Function :

To know how many characters are there in A2 cell –


Excel Formulas Hindi

Please note that Excel’s LEN function counts all characters including spaces.

8) AND & OR Excel Formula

These are the two most popular logical functions for checking multiple parameters.

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AND Function:

This comes in handy when you need to test multiple conditions and make sure they are all TRUE.

Technically the AND function tests the conditions you specify and returns TRUE if all the conditions are TRUE otherwise it returns FALSE.

Syntax Of AND Function:

The syntax of AND function is as follows:

=AND (logical1, [logical2], …)

Example of AND Function :

For example, students have marks above 35 in both Maths and English then they are PASS, otherwise FAIL.

=IF(AND(B2>35,C2>35), “PASS”, “FAIL”)

Excel Formulas Hindi

OR Function:

Just like the AND function in Excel, an OR is a logical function that is used to compare two values ​​or statements.

The only difference is that the OR function returns TRUE if any one of the given conditions is TRUE and returns FALSE if all the given conditions are FALSE.

Syntax Of OR Function:

The syntax of OR function is as follows:

=OR (logical1, [logical2], …)

Example of OR Function :

For example, students have marks above 35 in either subject of Maths and English, then they are PASS, otherwise they are FAIL.

=IF(OR(B2>35,C2>35), “PASS”, “FAIL”)

Excel Formulas Hindi

9) CONCATENATE Excel Formula

Excel’s CONCATENATE function joins two or more text items. It combines the values ​​of two or more cells into a single cell.

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Syntax Of CONCATENATE Function:

The syntax of the CONCATENATE function is as follows:

CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)

Example of CONCATENATE Function :

For example, to combine the values ​​in cells A2 and B2, simply enter the following formula in a separate cell:


Excel Formulas Hindi

If you want to separate these combined values, that is, add a space to them, type the space character (” “) in the arguments list.


Excel Formulas Hindi

Excel Formula List PDF Download Link

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