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GK for SSC: 50 Question everyday, day 2

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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GK for SSC: 50 Question everyday, day 2: This is the 2nd part of daily series. Today we are going to cover Geography. Its a very important part in SSC. Also a very vast part so we have got a group of questions that are frequently asked. It will also help UPSC, Railway and other state civil service examination because these question are focused for all exams.

Here is GK for SSC and other exams

The planets on either side of the Earth are

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(1) Mars and Jupiter

(2) Mercury and Venus

(3) Venus and Saturn

(4) Mars and Venus


Which planet looks reddish in the night sky ?

(1) Jupiter

(2) Saturn

(3) Mars

4) Mercury


Isohels are the isopleths of

(1) sunshine

(2) flowering time

(3) rain

(4) clouds


Which of the following is called “Blue Planet” ?

(1) Saturn

(2) Earth

(3) Jupiter

(4) Mars


The planet emitting green light is

(1) Jupiter

(2) Venus

(3) Uranus

(4) Neptune

GK for SSC: 50 Question everyday, day 2

The planet which has the highest  surface temperature is

(1) Jupiter

(2) Earth

(3) Pluto

(4) Venus


The planet nearest to the Sun is :

(1) Earth

(2) Mercury

(3) Mars

(4) Venus


A spinning neutron star is known as

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(1) White dwarf

(2) Black hole

(3) Pulsar



Day and Night are equal at the:

(1) Prime Meridian

(2) Antarctic

(3) Poles

(4) Equator


The outermost layer of sun is called

(1) Lithosphere

(2) Chromosphere

(3) Photosphere

(4) Corona


Which of the following Scientist proved that the path of each planet around the Sun is elliptical?

(1) Kepler

(2) Galileo

(3) Newton

(4) Copernicus


Most of the devastating earthquakes are usually caused by

(1) Eustatic movement

(2) Isostatic adjustment

(3) Collision of earth plates

(4) Volcanic eruption


Metamorphic rocks originate from—

(1) igneous rocks

(2) sedimentary rocks

(3) both igneous and sedimentary rocks

(4) None of these


The ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ is associated with

(1) oil well fires

(2) thermal power station

(3) volcanoes and earthquakes

(4) forest fires


The highest grade and best quality coal is

(1) Lignite

(2) Peat

(3) Bituminous

(4) Anthracite


What percentage of world’s freshwater is stored as glacial ice ?

(1) 50%

(2) 10%

(3) 70%

(4) 30%


The word ‘dendritic’ is associated with—

(1) wind

(2) waves

(3) rivers

(4) glaciers


When the earth is at the maximum distance from the Sun, it is called

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(1) Aphelion

(2) Perihelion

(3) Equinox

(4) Sidereal


The scale that measures the intensity of earthquakes is called as

(1) Vernier scale

(2) Richter scale

(3) Beaufort scale

(4) Diagonal scale


The main source of usable water on the Earth is

(1) Oceans

(2) Rivers

(3) Underground water

(4) Precipitation


The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through

(1) Myanmar

(2) Nepal

(3) Bangladesh

(4) China


The rate of deforestation is high in

(1) Tropical zone

(2) Desert areas

(3) Temperate zone

(4) Boreal forest


Tundras are

(1) Deciduous forests

(2) Tropical rain forests

(3) Cold deserts

(4) Hot deserts



Conclusion:GK for SSC

This is the end of these session. As you know that this is a daily series of gk questions that are made focusing on different central and state government exams. These G.K will help you in exams like UPSC, State civil service examinations, SSC, Railway and more. If you have any doubt then please comment, mail or registrar for free and get free career guidance.

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