GK for SSC: 50 Question everyday

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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We provide gk every day in this series. In this series you will find general awareness exclusive for SSC. This series will complete your never ending G.K for all SSC exam. Today is the first day of this series. We will start from geography. Everyday we will try to give another subject so that we get knew experience. If you are preparing for Railway or UPSC or other civil service examination than also you will be benefited from this article.


GK for SSC: 50 Question everyday

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The asteroids revolve round the Sun in between :

(1) Earth and Mars
(2) Mars and Jupiter
(3) Jupiter and Saturn
(4) Saturn and Uranus


Brightest planet in our solar system is

(1) Venus

(2) Mercury

(3) Mars

(4) Jupiter


The Grand Canyon is located on the :

(1) Colorado River
(2) Rhine River
(3) Tapi River
(4) Niger River


Metamorphic rocks originate from—

(1) igneous rocks
(2) sedimentary rocks
(3) both igneous and sedimentary rocks
(4) None of these


Shale is metamorphosed into which of the following rocks?

(1) Graphite

(2) Gneiss

(3) Marble

(4) Slate


A geyser is a spring which

(1) throws water continuously
(2) throws water intermittently
(3) throws water and steam at
regular intervals
(4) throws only steam


Which one of the following is igneous rock ?

(1) Limestone

(2) Granite

(3) Marble

(4) Slate


The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with

(1) Earthquakes

(2) Volcanoes

(3) Cyclones

(4) Landslides


What is the scale used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?

(1) Richter scale
(2) Metric scale
(3) Centigrade scale
(4) Newton’s scale


How many minutes for each degree of longitude does the local time of any place vary from the Greenwich time ?

(1) Two minutes
(2) Four minutes
(3) Six minutes
(4) Eight minutes


The tropical grassland is called

(1) Pampas

(2) Llanas

(3) Savanah

(4) Veld


The topography of plateau is ideal for

(1) cultivation

(2) forestry

(3) mining

(4) generation of hydro power


This is it for today. We will be back with part 2 of this series. We will make you crack any ssc exam. Specialy in this part. Here is the syllabus of gk.

Facts about Harappa Civilization,edic culture,Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda,hronology of Medieval India and their important systems.,India’s freedom movement and their leaders,Geography,India and its neighboring countries,Famous Seaport and Airport and their location,Important institution of world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc



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