You can generate a direct download link to files stored in Google Drive using this tool. Instead of opening a preview in Google Drive, a direct link will begin downloading the file right away. Create a direct download for your Google Drive files with this tool. Only files you upload to Google Drive will work with this tool, which requires the following permissions to share: Public on the web” or “Anybody with the connection”. Google Documents (e.g., spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) cannot be used with this tool. that was made within Google Drive.

Have you ever wanted people to download a compressed zip file from your Google Drive? You might want people to save an image or video to their devices. Tony Vincent composes:

When creating QR codes for images, I prefer to use the direct link generator rather than the Google Drive interface because the latter makes it simpler to copy and paste the codes. 👍

How to Get Your Sharing URL

1. Right-click the file you want to share in Google Drive and select “Get shareable link.”
2. Change the visibility to “Anyone with the link” in the subsequent window.
3. Select “Copy link.”
4. To create your link, paste that link into the box above and select “Create Direct Link.” Enjoy!

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

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