How should I prepare English for SSC CGL?

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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English is a subject that can be very tough thing to tackle if you are not good at it. But in this case many of the students do the same mistake of complicating things. Now our team has figure out the way How should I prepare English for SSC CGL? (Specially for those who are not good at it).

Now English is language and to be good at any language you need to have practice of that language in form of speaking,writing etc. Now let me clear that no one can be good at a language in one day. Its a process. Follow these steps to get good result and surely give the answer for the question How should I prepare English for SSC CGL?

How should I prepare English for SSC CGL?

How should I prepare English for SSC CGL: STEP 1

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I am assuming that you are a beginner for SSC exams and you have a very least knowledge in English. So first thing is to collect  MAKE A COPY. This is very important. Here you will write about the course.

First write down how much you don’t know about English. And then write down how much you have to learn.

How should I prepare English for SSC CGL: STEP 2

Here find last 10 years question paper for SSC CGL. Now if you are very weak at English you should go for SSC MTS. Don’t worry , by studying MTS question papers you will make your  SSC CGL Skills good.

After finding the question papers try to analyze the question papers. Now for those are weak i have given then to analyze the SSC MTS question paper first. And after getting to a certain level they can go for analyzing the SSC CGL question papers.


Step 3

This is the step where you hard work starts. Here first you have to find a good news paper. I would recommend you the Hindus, The Telegraph etc.

After choosing the newspaper you need get two books

1. Arihant Publications Objective English by S.P Bakshis

2. Kiran Publications SSC Chapter wise Previous Year solved Question Papers


Step 4

You can get PDF of this books if you can’t effort this book. After getting this book  follow these steps

  1. Study at least 5 rules form book Objective G.K
  2. After reading each topic go to the editorial page of the news paper i recommended and read two to three article and try to relate the rules that you have read.

This is a golden rule. Remember if you follow this rule that you will understand the rules in deep and there will be no need of remembering the rules you will automatically understand this rule.

Step 5

After realizing that you can do at least 5 problems in each question papers. You can say that you have reach a level.

Now after that you take Kirans Book that i have recommended. And do the chapter that you have completed. If you don’t have enough time to complete all the book than make sure that do at least 20 questions form each type of each chapter.

Doing each type will ensure that will get a good level.

Step 6

To reach this state you must need at least 40 days in minimum and 80 to 90 days for those who are weak. Here you will have a certain level.

Now you will notice a thing that your question paper analyzing capacity has increased.

Now is the right time to go for mock test.

Try to give at least one mock test every 3 days.

If your score are very bad than try to give mock test more frequently. Giving more mock test will only increase your ability.

Suggestion on SSC CGL

I always say in my preparation strategy of any exam that to crack any exam you need to understand the exam pattern and syllabus first.Here is article i wrote on detail syllabus on SSC CGL. And the another suggestion is that try to give good mock test we provide free mock tests. Actually our goal is to provide good quality education for free. If you are not able to find our mock test please mail us or comment us.



Look following these steps will surely make your good English for SSC CGL. But if you till not able to get good score or find the way in English than I have a good Idea. That is contact our Team. We provide 100% free CAREER COUNSELING on any education topics. Please contact us we are free.



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