How to become Indian Army Nursing Assistant? Full details in 2023

Indian army is one of the most powerful army in the world. It is the largest armed force of the country. At present, most of the youth of the country dream of joining the Indian Army. But this dream of most of the people is not fulfilled because every youth dreams of becoming a soldier under the Indian Army. But if you want to be appointed on other posts other than Soldier under the Indian Army. So this can be a fairly easy process for you. Indian army is a big armed force, that’s why there are different types of posts under it.

There are different types of posts like Soldier, Clerk , Assistant, Tradesman etc. under the Indian Army . Along with this, another important post is that of Army nursing assistant. If you come from Narsingh background or are moving forward in this field. Still you can join under Indian Army. You will be called an Indian soldier. You will feel proud by becoming an Army nursing assistant under the Indian Army. You will get a good salary on this post, you will get various facilities from the government and you will be seen with respect in the society. That is why at present most of the youth want to become Army Nursing Assistant.

What is Army Nursing Assistant?

There are different types of posts within the Indian Army. All these posts are divided for different work. A special and important post in this is that of Army nursing assistant. For your information, let us tell you that the work of the Indian Army nursing assistant is to help the doctors in every hospital and polyclinic of the Indian Army. Keeping various types of information related to medicine in hospital and polyclinic, taking care of patients, taking care of medical store, taking care of medicine, working in operation theatre, thus helping in the field of medicine.

For your information, let us tell you that the Indian Army is one of the largest armies in the world. In such a situation, Indian soldiers are examined here from time to time, the soldiers who are ill are given proper treatment on time. The soldier who is injured has to be treated. Military hospitals have been specially built for all of them. Army nursing assistant is required to assist the doctors in these military hospitals. They have little knowledge about medicine. There is a little bit of understanding so that they can help the army doctors and prove to be helpful for army related medicine.

Eligibility for Army Nursing Assistant 2023—

For your information, let us tell you that to be appointed to any post under the Indian Army, you have to pass the examination prescribed for the Indian Army. In which it is necessary for the person to be completely healthy. Apart from this, there is some physical training, there are examinations, only after passing which you can be appointed to the relevant post in the Indian Army. So the eligibility prescribed for the post of Army Nursing Assistant is as follows —

  • Applicants must have at least 12th class pass mark sheet.
  • Applicant can pass 12th class from any recognized educational institution.
  • For Army nursing assistant post, the candidate must have secured at least 50% marks in class 12th.
  • The candidate for this post must have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as one of the subjects.
  • Candidate having BSC degree can also apply for Army nursing assistant post.
  • The minimum age of the applicant for this post has been fixed at 17 years and 6 months.
  • The maximum age limit of the candidate to become an Army nursing assistant has been fixed at 23 years.
  • The body length of the applicant for this post should be 157 cms.
  • The body height of the applicant has been prescribed differently by different states.
  • The chest width of the applicant for this post should be 77 cms.
  • Candidates applying for the post of Army Nursing Assistant must have a minimum weight of 48 kg.
  • The candidate applying for the Army Nursing Assistant post under the Indian Army must be a permanent citizen of India.
  • Army nursing assistant applicant should be completely healthy.
  • It is necessary for the applicant to be mentally healthy for this post.
  • There should not be any record of suffering from any kind of serious illness.
  • The applicant should have clear and normal hearing in both ears.
  • The candidate should not have any bone related problems.
  • The minimum 14 teeth and jaws in the mouth of the candidate for this post should be absolutely healthy.
  • The eyesight of the applicant should be clear and correct.
  • The applicant should have relevant and necessary documents.
  • The applicant should feel proud to have served under the Indian Army.

How to become Army Nursing Assistant? Information about army nursing

To become an army nursing assistant, first of all, you have to apply online on the official website on the basis of official notification. At the time of online application, the related and important and necessary information has to be entered correctly in the application form and along with that information the relevant asked documents have to be uploaded. After the application is submitted, the exam date is decided and a few days before the exam, admit cards are issued, which you can download online. The exam date and exam center is mentioned on the admit card.

Under the selection process of Army nursing assistant recruitment, first of all your documents are scrutinised. Under the documents, your identity card, identity card showing your relationship with your mother and father, your address proof, your caste certificate, your Indian domicile certificate, your passport size photo, certificates proving your educational qualification Your document verification is done on the basis of some important and important certificates etc. After document verification, you have to appear for the exam. After passing the examination, the selection is done on the basis of merit.

The next step is the physical training of the candidate. Under physical training, the candidate has to run. Time and race limits have been set for this post. Apart from that physical standards are tested. Such as the ability to hear eyesight, examination of diseases, examination of bones, weight of the candidate, size of the chest of the candidate, apart from running, jumping, jumping, various types of physical training are taken and medical tests are also done. Is. So that it is ascertained that the candidate is medically fit and fulfills the prescribed criteria for the post.

Now the candidate has to give the written test. But passing the exam is very important. The written test is of total 100 marks to be completed in 1 hour. Various types of subjects are included under this exam. Like – Chemistry, Biology, General Knowledge, Mathematics etc. By combining all these subjects, the syllabus of the written examination is prepared for the recruitment organized for the post of Army Nursing Assistant. Under these topics, different types of topics are selected and questions related to them are asked. Candidates who clear this exam with good marks are taken in the merit list and selection is done on the basis of merit list only.

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Best Books in Hindi—

Army Nursing Assistant Salary 2023

The post of Army nursing assistant is very important and till now we have told you the process of working on this post. Now you know how to become an Army Nursing Assistant? So we also tell you how much is the salary of Army nursing assistant. For your information, let us tell you that about ₹ 25000 is given every month as salary to the Army Assistant. Apart from this, there is an increase in salary on the basis of time period and various types of facilities and allowances are also provided to the assistant working on the post of Army Nursing Assistant. How to do, how to become a nurse?


Joining the Indian Army is the dream of almost every youth in today’s time. But this dream of most of the youth is not fulfilled, then you can fulfill your dream of joining the army by getting appointed in other positions under the Indian Army. In this article, we have told you the complete process of getting employed as Army Nursing Assistant under the Indian Army, what is Army Nursing Assistant and how to become an Army Nursing Assistant? Hope this information must have proved useful for you. If you have any query related to this article? So you can ask by commenting in the below comment section. We will do our best to answer your question in a timely manner.

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