How to prepare for any exam- When there is a month or a week or day!:

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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How to prepare for any exam: When there is a month or a week or day!: Are you preparing for the exam? Do you have very little time left to prepare? If so, you’d like to read this article. Know the most effective way of studying and know some special tips for good preparation in a short time.

Whenever the exams start, many students often face a major problem and that problem is that they have to prepare too many courses in a short span of time. This problem is too big for students who have not read anything all year.

Often, students are looking for answers to some questions on the internet such as: how to prepare for exams in a month or a week or how to do it in a day. Today we will give you some tips from which you can study as much as possible in a very short time and score very well in the exam.

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These special tips will help you in all situations, with one month left in the exam preparation, one week left or one day. This test can be half yearly exam, it can be board exam or any other competitive test.

Let us know some special tips:

1. First, see old papers and courses (do some research)

jagran josh

Before starting preparation for any exam, do some research by looking at the entire course and old papers. First know how many chapters and topics are given in the course. Then try to find out by looking at the old papers.

>> From which chapter was the question asked?
>> Which chapter asked the most questions?
>> Which chapter asked the least number of questions?
>> Which chapter brings simple questions and from which chapter are difficult chapters?

After this complete analysis, you will understand which chapter (and which subject) is most important for the test. You can easily prepare which chapter and which chapter is the most difficult.

If you have one month left to prepare for the exam, you can give half to one day in this analysis. If you have one day time, you should do this analysis in 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Set priority and time table to prepare chapters

Prepare Time Table

After analyzing the syllabus and old papers, set the priority to prepare the chapters and create a time list. Preparing a chapter may take 10-15 minutes more or less, so when creating a time list, take a time margin for each chapter or subject.

After you create a time list, avoid any changes in it. If you change the time table frequently, you will keep changing the time list and you will not be able to prepare or you will not be able to prepare, very little. So when the list is prepared, make it at once and follow it strictly. Try to prepare a chapter within or before the stipulated time.

3. Prepare easy chapters first.

Mind map of a chapter

When preparing, first prepare easy chapters, it will increase your confidence level.

Some people start reading difficult chapters first, arguing that there won’t be much to do in easy chapters and they can be easily read later. Sometimes it happens that people get stuck in difficult chapters and take too much time in those chapters.

Even the simplechapters in this regard are not ready, so difficult chapters should be read later.

Suppose you have to prepare three chapters and all three are easy for you, then first prepare the chapter asking the highest number of questions in the exam.

4. Just keep everything you need.

A girl doing study

When time works and the course is high, a minute is worth it for you, so when you study, you only have what you need, such as books, dictionaries, water bottles, etc.

Do not keep something you can’t focus on studying with you. If you don’t need a laptop for your study, do not use it. If you need the internet too much, keep a smartphone with you, but avoid using it as much as possible.

5. Do not take too many breaks in the study and if bored, study group.

Students doing group study

Often you hear from people that this is true only if you have too much time and very little courses. When you have very little time, you should avoid taking a break in the study. If you take frequent breaks in the study, your attention will be disturbed.

If you are bored reading a chapter and you feel like taking a break, then you can read another subject or any other subject for a while.

You can also do a combined or group study if you want. What is to be noted here is that before starting the combined or group study, you must have a complete plan of how many subjects you will read at the scheduled time.

6. Get plenty of sleep and proper meals

Eat balanced diet

When you study more in less time, there is more pressure on your brain. So you should take a lot of sleep at this time so that your concentration capacity is not affected. At this time you should eat a balanced diet and avoid eating foods made of flour as eating things made of flour (or fast food) increases laziness and reduces your brain function.


These are some of the study tips that allow you to study as much as possible in a short time and score well. The most important thing to remember here is that you do not change frequently after you have made the study time list. It has often been observed that students set the time list once but perform it correctly. You cannot create a new time list again when time is short and then for some reason they cannot follow it. Thus, this cycle goes on again and again and he is not able to prepare to the best of his ability. Through hard work, these problems can be easily avoided and his goals can be easily found.

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