If you are going for an interview then keep your dress like this, learn 7 tips

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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It is known to all that the first impression matters a lot, especially when you are going for an interview in a company. It is better if you do not take any kind of risk by not experimenting with your dress while going for the interview, because your dress has the power to create a good or bad image about you.
Before the interviewer tests your knowledge, your attire says a lot about your personality without saying anything. In such a situation, before going to the interview, you should pay attention that your dress should be the same as the image you want to show.

Come, let us know 7 small but very important things, if not taken care of, you can get out of the selection process due to wrong impression.
1 Wear the dress according to the area for which the company and the post for which you are going to give interview.
2 If going for a job interview in the corporate sector, wear formal clothes. Formal clothes like pant-shirt, blazer, legging-kurta etc.
3 If the company where you are going for interview has western culture, then girls can also choose western formal in formal dress.

4 Pay attention to the color of your clothes as well, wearing more flamboyant colored clothes should always be avoided in the interview.
5 Wear clean light colored clothes in which you feel comfortable, as well as wear comfortable and noise-free footwear in footwear.
6 Pay attention to the hairstyle as well, in order to look stylish, do not make such a hairstyle which makes you uncomfortable or distracts you in any way while answering in the interview.
7 Girls should keep light makeup, while boys should be clean shaven. 

Interview Dressing Tips

  1. Dress professionally: Wear a suit and tie for men, or a blazer and pants or a professional dress for women.

  2. Keep it simple and conservative: Avoid flashy or revealing clothing, and stick to neutral colors such as black, gray, and navy.

  3. Be well-groomed: Make sure your hair is neat and clean, and avoid excessive makeup or cologne.

  4. Be aware of your body language: Stand up straight and make eye contact, as this will give the impression of confidence and professionalism.

  5. Make sure your clothes fit well: Ill-fitting clothes can be distracting and can give the impression that you are not serious about the job.

  6. Pay attention to details: Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes are wrinkle-free, and your nails are clean.

  7. Dress according to the company culture: Research the company’s dress code, culture, and industry. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

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Interview Dressing Tips: What color clothes should be worn for the interview? Know their meaning

Generally, while going for the interview, it comes to mind that which color clothes will be good for the interview.Many people go to interview wearing clothes of any color without thinking, but you should keep in mind that first impression is very important in the interview.In such a situation, if you want to create a positive image, then you can go for interview wearing clothes of certain colors.Come, let us know which are the four best colors for the interview- 

According to experts, blue is one of the best colors you can wear to an interview.Blue color means that you are dependable, hardworking.Wearing this color will make you appear as a team leader who is ready to work with a hard working team. 

is a neutral color that reflects your analytical and logical reasoning skills.When you wear grey, it shows that you are always ready to learn something new and increase your knowledge.Wearing gray color also shows that your selection skills are also very good. 

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Wearing black 
shows power, authority, power and leadership ability.If you are going for high position interview then wear black color.If you are going for a higher position, then black is the best color for you.Keep in mind that if your career has just started, then you should not wear black because it can also give a negative impression.

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color clothes are the best option for the interview.Wearing white color makes your image very positive.Also it shows about your efforts.It also gives good vibes. 

How to dress in interview? best formal dress for interview

There are many such things in the interview that the interviewer and other people are observing, such as your body language, your confidence , your communication skills , your knowledge, body language , as well as one more thing to observe. Is done and that is the way of wearing your clothes i.e. your dressing sense. Seeing what kind of clothes you are wearing and what is their color combination, people get to know a lot about you and through your clothes, they get a good or bad impression of you.


Before going to the interview, it is very important to choose the right clothes as well as to choose the right color clothes and today in this article we will know about the same so that you too can know about the dressing sense and interviewer and You can leave a good impression on other people.

Why is it important to choose the right clothes for the interview?

  • Whenever we go for an interview , first of all we are judged by our clothes and only by this we are able to make a good impression on others, so while going to the interview, wear the right clothes as well as the right colors. It is very important to make a choice.
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How should men dress for an interview?

  • If you are going to the interview then wearing formal clothes will be the best option for you like formal shirt and pants and on top of that you can also wear blazer but remember that according to the interview the color of blazer and pants should be same.
  • By wearing formal clothes, the interviewer understands that you are serious about your job and it is appropriate to wear such clothes according to the environment there.

How should women dress for an interview?

  • Saree is the best option for women while going for an interview and it gives them a professional look, apart from this, women can also wear suits, salwar suits or skirt suits with pants.

Some color combinations to wear in an interview

  • While giving the color combination here, I have also included the blazer Now it is not that only blazer should be worn for interview, but you can give interview without blazer also .
  • Instead of blazer, you can wear blue white , gray or black shirt of my suggested color and wear matching pants on it .    

1) Blue color:

how to wear blue color in interview

  • According to the interview, this is the best color. Blue color shows that you are trustworthy and honest. Now the question comes whether to wear a dark blue blazer or a light blue blazer? So in this case you can choose any of the two colors.
  • You can wear a white shirt with the blazer and the color of the pant should match the color of the blazer. If you want, you can also wear a light blue shirt instead of white with a dark blue blazer. You can wear a gray, red or black tie over a white or blue shirt. Women can wear plain or light blue colored saree or salwar suit.
  • When not to wear it : If you are looking for a creative job like writing, photography, architecture or video or radio jockey then blue color is not suitable for job interview.
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2) White color:

  • White color represents cleanliness and you seem to be an organized person in this color as well as white color leaves a positive impression on the interviewer.
  • With a white blazer, you can wear a light blue or gray shirt and white pants, and with this color combination, you can wear a gray, black, blue or red tie. Yes, if your color is dark, then you should avoid white color. Women can wear light designed kurti, saree or salwar suit in white colour.
  • When not to wear it : White color should not be worn in a creative workplace because white color in such a place reflects lethargy and your lack of confidence .

3) Gray colour:

  • Gray color gives a different glow to your personality and through this you can get a good impression on the interviewer. At the same time, gray color reflects your characteristic personality, so gray color is also preferred for interview.
  • You can wear white color formal shirt and gray color pants with gray color blazer and you can wear red, black or blue color tie with this color combination. The same women can wear gray color kurti, saree, or salwar suit with plain or light design.
  • When not to wear it : Gray is a neutral color so it can work in any type of interview.
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4) Black color:

  • Black color shows your leadership ability and strength. You can wear a white shirt with a black blazer and this is also a good color combination. You can wear black, blue, red or gray color tie on it. Women can wear plain or light designed black saree, kurti or salwar suit.
  • When not to wear : Black clothes are a sign of leadership and by wearing it, your image is seen to pressurize people and establish your authority, so if you work in customer service such as call center, client service coordinator or customer service representative. If you are applying for a job, do not wear black clothes.

5) Orange color:

  • This color gives the worst impression on the interviewer and in this you do not look professional, so do not wear orange colored clothes while going to the interview .

6) Brown color:

  • This color shows calmness and passivity and even with this color you cannot make a good impression on the interviewer, so avoid wearing brown clothes while going to the interview.

7) Red color:

how to wear black color in interview

  • This color is a symbol of domineering, stubbornness and rebellion and even if your personality looks more powerful than red color, but it has a negative effect on the interviewer, so you should not wear red clothes in the interview. Yes, you can use a red colored tie or handkerchief.
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8) Multi-color:

  • Do not wear clothes of too many color patterns because in such clothes you will look very bold, you will look unprofessional and you will not be able to leave a good impression on the interviewer. Therefore, instead of wearing multi-colored clothes together, it is better to wear a plain color shirt or wear clothes with at most two color combinations.
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