Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023: Rs 6600 crore budget announced, know eligibility and application process

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023: Different schemes are run by the central government for the development of the country. The Prime Minister has recently launched the PM DevINE Scheme with the objective of providing financial assistance and development to the North Eastern region of India . The full name of this scheme is Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East Region . Very small population resides in the North East region, due to which the benefits of most of the schemes are not available there.

Giving importance to this area, this time the Modi government has started a plan for it. Today in this post, we are going to give you information about the benefits of this central government scheme, the process of applying for it, important documents etc.

প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী DevINE আঁচনি ২০২৩: দেশৰ উন্নয়নৰ বাবে কেন্দ্ৰীয় চৰকাৰে বিভিন্ন আঁচনি পৰিচালনা কৰে। ভাৰতৰ উত্তৰ পূৰ্বাঞ্চলক আৰ্থিক সাহায্য আৰু উন্নয়নৰ উদ্দেশ্যে প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰীয়ে শেহতীয়াকৈ PM DevINE আঁচনি আৰম্ভ কৰিছে ৷ এই আঁচনিৰ সম্পূৰ্ণ নাম হৈছে উত্তৰ পূৰ্বাঞ্চলৰ বাবে প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰীৰ উন্নয়ন পদক্ষেপ ৷উত্তৰ পূৰ্বাঞ্চলত অতি কম জনসংখ্যা বাস কৰে, যাৰ বাবে প্ৰায়বোৰ আঁচনিৰ সুবিধা তাত উপলব্ধ নহয়।

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এই অঞ্চলটোক গুৰুত্ব দি এইবাৰ মোডী চৰকাৰে ইয়াৰ বাবে পৰিকল্পনা আৰম্ভ কৰিছে। আজি এই পোষ্টটোত আমি আপোনালোকক এই কেন্দ্ৰীয় চৰকাৰৰ আঁচনিৰ সুবিধা, ইয়াৰ বাবে আৱেদন প্ৰক্ৰিয়া, গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ নথি-পত্ৰ আদিৰ বিষয়ে তথ্য দিম।

Pradhan Mantri Devine Scheme 2023

Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, this scheme has been approved for the development and economic assistance of the North Eastern region of India for 4 years from 2022-2023 to 2025-26 . This scheme will be completely operated by the Central Government. No state government fund is going to be used in this. This scheme will be operated by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) . A budget of Rs 1500 crore has been allocated at the very beginning of this scheme so that the North East region can be developed.

প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰীৰ অধ্যক্ষতাত এই আঁচনিখন ২০২২-২০২৩ চনৰ পৰা ২০২৫-২৬ চনলৈ ৪ বছৰৰ বাবে ভাৰতৰ উত্তৰ-পূব অঞ্চলৰ উন্নয়ন আৰু অৰ্থনৈতিক সাহায্যৰ বাবে অনুমোদন জনোৱা হৈছে । এই আঁচনিখন সম্পূৰ্ণৰূপে কেন্দ্ৰীয় চৰকাৰৰ দ্বাৰা পৰিচালিত হ’ব। ইয়াত ৰাজ্য চৰকাৰৰ কোনো পুঁজি ব্যৱহাৰ হ’বলৈ যোৱা নাই। এই আঁচনিখন উত্তৰ পূৰ্বাঞ্চলৰ উন্নয়ন মন্ত্ৰালয়ে পৰিচালনা কৰিব ৷ এই আঁচনিৰ একেবাৰে আৰম্ভণিতে ১৫০০ কোটি টকাৰ বাজেট আবণ্টন দিয়া হৈছে যাতে উত্তৰ-পূব অঞ্চলটো উন্নত কৰিব পৰা যায়।

Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023- Overview

Scheme Name Pradhan Mantri Devine Scheme 2023
started by central government
launch date October 2022
Beneficiary North East Region of India
purpose development of north eastern region
plan budget Rs 6,600 crore
official website N/A

Objective of Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023

The Prime Minister felt the need to implement infrastructure and social projects in the North Eastern region as development in these areas is often neglected. In such a situation, the central government will now develop the infrastructure of the North Eastern region and provide financial assistance to the people there. Along with this, social development projects will be implemented in the North East region. Youth and women will be able to participate in many activities which will lead to their development.

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023

  • Under the Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023 , the government is going to spend a total of Rs 6600 crore in 4 years .
  • Under this scheme, many development projects will be started in the North Eastern region.
  • Due to this scheme, the growth and development of the North Eastern region will start.
  • Whatever expenditure will be incurred under this scheme, it will be fully borne by the Central Government.
  • When this scheme will be implemented in the North East region, many types of employment opportunities will be provided to the people living there.
  • The benefit of this Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023 will be given to the youth and women living in all the states of the North Eastern region.

PM-DevINE Initial Project List

Under this Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023 , many types of projects will be started simultaneously, information about which is being given to you in the table below.

S. No. Name of the Project Total Estimated Cost
1 Creation of Dedicated Services for the Management of Paediatric and Adult Haemotolymphoid Types of Cancers in North East India, Guwahati [Multi – State] Rs. 129 Crores
2 North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) Livelihood Improvement Project [Multi – State] Rs. 67 Crores
3 Promoting Scientific Organic Agriculture in North East Indian [Multi – State] Rs. 45 Crores
4 Construction of Aizawl Bypass on Western Side Rs. 500 Crores
5 Gap funding for Passenger Ropeway system for Pelling to Sanga – Choeling in Western Sikkim Rs. 64 Crores
6 Gap funding for Eco-friendly Ropeway (Cable Car) from Dhapper to Bhaleydhunga in South Sikkim Rs. 58 Crores
7 Construction of Bamboo Link Road at Various Locations in Various Districts in the state of Mizoram as a Pilot Project Rs. 100 Crores
8 Others (to be identified) Rs. 537 Crores
Total Rs. 1,500 Crores

Required Documents and Eligibility

  • All the citizens residing in the North Eastern states are eligible for this scheme.
  • Aadhar Card
  • identity proof
  • Accommodation quantity
  • Income ratio
  • passport size photo
  • mobile number
  • E mail ID

Registration process in Pradhan Mantri DevINE Scheme 2023

If you are a resident of North Eastern states and want to apply under this scheme, then below we have given you step by step information. You can apply by following it.

Pradhanmantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2022

  • After that you have to go to the section containing this scheme .
  • Here you will see the name of many types of schemes.
  • You have to click on PM DevINE scheme from this list .
  • After that you will see the information related to this scheme on the screen.
  • After reading the information, you will click on the application form .
  • Many types of important information will be asked from you in the application form, enter it carefully.
  • After filling the application form, check it carefully that there is no mistake.
  • If your application form is completely filled correctly, then finally click on the submit button .
  • If you are applying offline then you can submit the application form to the concerned department.

If you want to download the guideline of the scheme, then you can download it by clicking on the link given below.

PM DevINE Scheme Guideline PDF – Download

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