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Privacy Policy Required:

In today's world where every corner of the world is accessible through internet, the corporate world has also managed to crawl and match the steps with the changing times. The possibility of internet business entities has increased manifold to spread their reach to more and more people, within and outside the area, they focus in. No one misses the chance to expand beyond the boundaries and wants to excel in their business by reaching out to an uncountable number of people. This is the reason why every business entity has a website today, irrespective of its size and nature of business. Undoubtedly, it befits the institution's business to some extent, but simply selling products on the website isn't enough these days.

Websites also capture customer information, either by the 'login' option or a 'form' filled by the customer with an intention to analyze and understand their customer, their preferences, their tastes, their interests, their preferences, etc. By getting The business entity may also advertise or promote its new or existing products or services to existing customers as well as to those to whom they share information, knowingly or unknowingly reaching their potential customers may use such information and analysis, by their customers or by persons accessing their websites.

Collecting such personal information from people and further using it for commercial gain is a good and effective way of promoting and growing a business, but only as far as the people sharing the information are aware of it. Personal information so provided by the people is used by the business entity for its profit or otherwise, without the knowledge of the people, if such information is shared, it would be a punishable offence.

Thus, to protect the business entity from any uninvited and unintended penalties and punishment, it is always beneficial for a website to have a privacy policy.


A privacy policy entity, which owns the Website (hereinafter a Party), uses the Disclosing Methods Entity collects, is a legal document on the Disclosing Website, and manages a customer or client's data. As per the Constitution of India, every citizen has the right to privacy. Similar laws also prevail in other countries in the rest of the world. Thus, any personal information that is shared by any individual shall not be used or shared with third parties without the knowledge of such individual whose information is shared. The Privacy Policy thus fulfills the legally required to protect the privacy of a customer or client.

It has announced a one-party policy on how it collects, stores, and releases the personal information it collects either from its customers or from people on its website. A privacy policy clearly informs what specific customer information is collected, and whether it is kept confidential, shared with affiliates, or sold to other companies or enterprises. Its content also depends on the laws applicable over its geographical stretch.


Information (in respect of an individual) covered by the Personal Privacy Policy includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • marital status
  • contact information
  • ID issue and expiration date
  • financial records
  • credit information
  • medical history
  • Location
  • Place of Vacation / Travel
  • choice / preference / intention to buy / sell goods and / or services, etc.

Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, not being limited to the above titles.

Importance of Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy depicts your company's point of view, its methods of collecting information from visitors and the way it uses that information. It also specifies the efforts taken by the organization to safeguard the collected data. It not only builds the trust of website visitors, it also adheres to privacy policy laws in India as Privacy Policy is one of the most important legal documents on any website.

Sincere efforts should be taken to create a privacy policy for your website. It will be both accurate and easy to understand, as it is depicted to assure all users that any information they have provided to the website owners will not be disclosed to others under any circumstances and will be used in a manner as provided for in the Privacy Policy.

You can find a Privacy Policy template for your website, made exactly as per your requirements, on our website -


The following shall be the essential contents of the Privacy Policy:

  • Description of the information collected as well as the cookie set;
  • Description of how information collected from users or customers is used;
  • Explanation as to how the information is protected;
  • how third party advertisements may be served and what information may be collected;
  • information as to how to access the web account file;
  • Procedure as to how to opt out of email;
  • and how the Site may be used by minors and what information may be collected;
  • The specific explanation is that the transmission of data over the Internet may not be secure;
  • Address, email address (or online form) as well as a real world address where a user can write their queries or complaints.

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