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ASTC Time Slot Form Download- Uberization | Pob

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Time Slot Form Uberization: The Government of Assam launched a new scheme named “Uberization” under the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC). This scheme was launched in the year 2019. After successful implementation of this scheme, the beneficiaries will get subsidy on this scheme. The subsidy amount will be 25 percent of the total cost of the bus.

The remaining amount will be borne through installment.

Time Slot Form

ASTC Time Slot Form Download

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

Assamese Medium: Click Here

English Medium: Click Here

Under this scheme all the owners of ASTC buses need a form called “Time Slot Form”, here I have provided the downloadable link in the below sections.

Name of the form Time Slot Form
Language English
Form Type PDF/Printable
Size 886 KB
Official Website Click Here

How to Download Time Slot Form for Uberization

# Scroll down, go to Important Web-Link‘s section.

# Click on Download link

# Then the form download timer page will come, wait for 20 seconds

# After completion timer seconds the file will be automatic to your device

# Then take a print out a copy

Important Web-Link

Download Time Slot Form:  Click Here

Terms & Conditions of UBERIZATION scheme

1)   The beneficiaries must be individual entrepreneur, Small business enterprise or self- help group.

2)   The interested applicant will have to apply for it online in the website,  www.astc.assam.gov.in on payment  of Rs. 1000/- . A single applicant can apply for a maximum of five times in different routes.  For each  route  and  each  application,  he/she will have  to  pay the  applicant  amount separately.  They will also have  to  submit  documents   mentioned in form  and  scan  copy of Notarized affidavit online.

3)   The Central selection committee will finalize the list of selected beneficiaries.

4)   The beneficiary must operate the bus for a minimum period of 5 years under ASTC.

5)   The beneficiary will get all the public service facilities at ASTC bus terminus.

6)   The beneficiary should operate his bus at the route fixed by ASTC at approved time.

7)   The beneficiary will obtain necessary RTA/ STA permit along with ASTC permit.

8)   The beneficiary  will pay the  cost  of branding  of bus  with  ASTC  logo at  the  vendor’s point approved by ASTC.

9)   The beneficiary will arrange for the Speed governor, ITMS, GPS tracking system, audio visual

display, CC Camera, monitor, etc., if not provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

10) After completion of 5(five) years, the beneficiary may withdraw his/ her vehicle from ASTC. If he withdraws after 5 years, 10% of total cost will be exempted. But 15% will have to be returned to ASTC by the beneficiary.

11) If the beneficiary wants to operate his/ her vehicle under ASTC after completion of 5 years, then he/ she will be allowed with the existing POB rules/ Self Employment Scheme of ASTC 2001.

12) The 15% of total cost of the vehicle, which is to be deposited  to ASTC after completion of 5 years should be deposited  to the Bank account  of ASTC in every month  from the starting month  for five years in equal monthly installments along with ASTC share money.

13) Uniform for driver & conductor will be mandatory.

14) Drivers & conductors will display their badge on the left side of his chest

15) Dedicated  registration  number  will be provided  by ASTC to each vehicle. The beneficiary will make all kinds of correspondences against the dedicated  registration number.

16) ASTC card will be provided to each vehicle and If a vehicle of this project takes fuel from ASTC

pump, then they will be given concession on production of the ASTC card.

17) The buses  will charge fare from passengers  strictly as per approved  rates  of ASTC and as per

Govt. fare structure  notification in force.

18) Repairing and maintenance of vehicles will be borne by the beneficiary.

19) The vehicles under this scheme will get all the privileges which are presently  enjoyed by ASTC

regarding requisition by Government and checking by police and district transport officials.

20) The fitness certificates from STA/ RTA has to be produced  by the beneficiary from time to time as per rule.

21) The driver of the  bus should possess  valid driving licence for driving heavy vehicles with PSV

endorsement as per M.V. Act 1988. The conductor of the bus should have also a valid license.

22) MD, ASTC reserves  the right to change or edit the allotment  of the routes  as the motto  of the

Govt. of Assam is “Last mile connectivity”.

23) Each bus under this scheme should be operated at least for 25 days a month and the beneficiary will have to deposit a minimum of 25 days share money at the concerned ASTC office. Further, if a bus does not maintain 80% of schedule operation  during a year, agreement shall be liable for termination.

24) In case more than three  genuine complaints of non stoppages  of the bus at the scheduled  bus stops  in a month,  strict action including termination of agreement shall be taken.  However it does not restrict in collection of wayside passengers.

25) The beneficiary  should  keep  his bus  duly insured  and  Pollution  tested. And  also  road  tax payment should be always up to date.

26) ASTC  will not  be  responsible  for any damage  or loss to  the  bus  during  any kind of bandh, agitation, etc.

27) The beneficiary shall be responsible  in proper  prosecution  of proceedings  either  before  Motor Accident   Claims   Tribunal  (MACT),   Commissioner  for   Workmen   compensation,   Regional Transport Authority and State Transport Authority.

28) The buses under  this scheme  shall have to carry postal mail bags of ASTC and the  beneficiary cannot claim any charge for it.

29) The beneficiary will be liable to pay penalty levied by the ASTC officials at the specified rates for the following offences.

  1. i) Non operation  of bus
  2. ii) Misbehavior by the drivers, conductor, beneficiary or his representatives. iii)        Passenger’s complaint
  3. iv) Plying of the bus in a route other than the specified route in the permit. v)         Any activity detrimental to ASTC.

30) Transfer of ownership will be permitted only after getting approval/ N.O.C. from Bank.

31) The time gap in between two services in the same route should not be less than 10 minutes.

32) The owner of the bus should use ASTC logo at the left side of the bus and Logo of Uberization at the right side of the bus.

33) Instead of Under ASTC the bus owner will write Assam State Transport Corporation on the body of the bus on both sides

34) To keep uniformity in branding of bus, badge & uniform of drivers and conductors, the work has

to be done at the vendor, selected by ASTC.

35) In case of withdrawal of the bus before completion of five years, the beneficiary will have to deposit the entire 25% subsidy, if the reason of withdrawal is not considered as justified by ASTC authority.

36) Procurement of Monthly Log Book and daily ticket Book from the respective ASTC Station will be mandatory  on payment as per the rate fixed by ASTC.

37) That I / We shall be required to deposit Revenue Share Money based on daily km run or Monthly Revenue Share to the ASTC Authorities regularly at the following rates, subject to changes from time  to  time,  at  the  discretion  of the  ASTC  Authorities. The share  money  will have  to  be deposited  in the  notified  Bank account  of the  ASTC  and  the  receipt  thereof  will have  to be submitted  to the respective  in-Charge of ASTC Station before issue of Vehicle Log Book for the next month. I / We also understand that the ASTC Authorities shall be offering a 10% concession

on the  Share money to be deposited  in case the  total  share  money  for 25 days is deposited upfront.

Type of Bus Rate of RevenueShare Money
Short Distance Service (Non-AC) Rs. 1.25 per KM
Short Distance Service (AC) Rs. 1.50 per KM
Long Distance Day Service Deluxe (Non-AC) Rs. 1.35 per KM
Long Distance Day Service ( AC) Rs. 1.50 per KM
Long Distance Night Service (AC) Rs. 1.50 per KM
SCR Service (Non-AC) Rs.  200 per day
SCR Service (AC) Rs.  250 per day
City Service in Other Cities (Non-AC) Rs.  200 per day
City Service in Other Cities ( AC) Rs.  250 per day


38) That, the  ASTC Authorities will neither  be liable for any kind of accident  or breakdown  of the vehicle nor be liable to pay any claim / compensation arising out of any kind of accident. All such claims will be as per coverage of Insurance from the Insurance Company only. ASTC Authorities will not be responsible  in defending the driver in the Criminal case or claim case either  before the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT)or any other Civil Court.

39) That, in case of major / fatal accident due to erroneous behavior of the driver / conductor, a fine

of Rs. 500.00 (Rupees Five hundred only) will be imposed on the owner of the bus and the driver will have to be debarred immediately.  The ASTC Authorities will blacklist the  driver debarring him  from  driving other  vehicles  under  the  Scheme  and  in case  such  black listed  driver  is appointed in any other vehicle, operation  of that bus will also be stopped,  and the engagement terminated.

40) The selected beneficiaries should deposit the following amounts.

Type of vehicle

Registration fee(Non- refundable) Security deposit(Refundable)
Small vehicle seat capacity up to 10. Rs. 2500.00 Rs. 2500.00
Small and Medium type, seat capacity – 11 to 17. Rs. 2500.00 Rs. 2500.00
Medium and District type, seat capacity – 18 to 32. Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 7500.00
District type vehicle, seat capacity above 32. Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 7500.00
Super Deluxe buses, E- class, Day super and Night super services, A/C buses etc Rs. 12,500.00 Rs. 7500.00


41) The beneficiaries should give a notice of at least 48 hours to the ASTC when the Bus is not likely to be made available to the Corporation on any particular day. While violation of the same will be viewed seriously by the Authorities I / We shall be required to bear a penalty of Rs. 500.00 (rupees Five hundred only) imposed for the purpose.

42) The vehicle will not be permitted to carry goods other that passengers’ belongings and mail bags

of ASTC.

43) The beneficiaries have to ensure that the vehicle is provided with wheel chair & ramp facilities for the physically challenged passengers and with fire detection  and alarm devices in addition to fire extinguishers.

44) 2(two) seats of the vehicle should be kept as reserved for specially abled person & senior citizen.

45) The selected beneficiaries will be required to be physically present  at the ASTC Head Office, Guwahati at the given date and time announced for the purpose and submits the Notarised Copy of Affidavit in the presence  of the Managing Director and the Law Officer of the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) stating that they will follow all the terms & conditions.

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