What is Account Manager?

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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What is Account Manager?

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An account manager works as a liaison between a company and its customers. The job of an account manager is to acquire new business and retain old business. Account managers also handle external leads and assist existing customers. So that their customers do not face any kind of problem.

Account managers are tasked with looking after customer accounts, they act as the day-to-day point of contact for customers. The job of account managers is to maintain customer satisfaction, and it is also the job of an account manager to remove every problem related to the customer’s account, an account manager handles account renewals and upgrades, and provides customers with the products purchased by them. The most strategic help from the product or service.

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Account managers are often called “the farmers”. They manage customer relationship to build a positive partnership with the customer and nurture long-term growth. An Account Manager is the point of contact for assigned accounts (i.e., clients) and liaison between the customers and sales and customer service teams, this role is all about communication and relationships. Ideally, the same account managers will remain with a client account for the duration of the client’s tenure with the company. Depending on their contract, they may represent C-level clients, middle-management or even project managers. All relationships, all communications and all presentations come through account managers.

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What is the work of Account Managers?

Account managers work closely with customers to determine their customers’ needs, and then develop products or services to meet those needs. Their most fundamental job is to communicate. His business is Customer Relationship Management. The success of an account manager depends on how good they are at networking and building and maintaining relationships. Whether working with outbound leads or existing customers, account managers are constantly building relationships. Providing value, and above all, listening, the ability to listen to find out what a customer needs, and then meet that need – is a highly sought-after trait.

There are many parts of an Account Manager’s job. Part of which is that he works to make budgets and programs to meet the needs of his accounts. Many Account Managers search for new customers, find and also solve them. So sales is also part of the job, the only difference between a salesperson and an account manager is that instead of selling the account and then closing it, the account manager takes an active role post-sales. In advertising, it can mean overseeing the execution of ads. In software, this may mean overseeing the performance of a new system and helping to train the customer, and in manufacturing, it may mean that orders are delivered on time.

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Account Managers Responsibilities in english

  • Account Managers’ job is to help clients through email, phone, online presentations, screen-share and in-person meetings.

  • An Account Manager is also responsible for ensuring timely and successful delivery of our solutions as per the needs and objectives of the clients.

  • The Account Manager’s job is to be the primary point of contact and maintain long-term relationships with customers.

  • The Account Manager is also responsible for keeping current customers satisfied and providing exceptional customer service on a day-to-day basis.

  • The Account Manager is also responsible for monitoring and analyzing the use of the Customer Product by the Customer.

  • An account manager should build a good relationship between the client and the internal teams

Account Managers Requirements in english

  • An Account Manager must have proven account management or other relevant experience

  • An Account Manager should have experience in delivering customer centric solutions based on the needs of the customer

  • It is very important for an Account Manager to have excellent listening, communication and presentation skills.

  • An Account Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience

  • An Account Manager should have critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • It is mandatory for an Account Manager to have a deep digital understanding

  • An account manager should also have an understanding of website development, marketing, measurement and analysis, content management, digital marketing and internet technology.

  • Eager to detail and adhere to deadlines

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Account Manager Salary

According to Glassdoor, an average base salary of approximately $67,461 is provided for an account manager in 2018, with the average additional cash compensation provided for an account manager being $18,153 per year.

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