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What is Indian Army Tradesman, how to get job full information 2023?

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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The Indian Army is the country’s largest armed force, also known as the Army because it operates on the ground. Indian army is one of the most powerful army in the world. That’s why other different types of posts are also required under this army, which work according to different categories. From time to time, recruitment is organized for all these posts, in which lakhs of youths take part every year. But very few youths become successful. The main reason for this is that most of the youth do not know about that post.

Every unit in the Indian Army is self-sufficient, it does not require other units to do any work. That unit is not dependent on any other units. In such a situation, that unit has to complete its work on its own, for which that unit needs a tradesman to maintain its equipment, vehicle, garden, etc. Recruitment is conducted in the Indian Army for Army Tradesman and after passing that exam, Indian Army Tradesman is made. Tradesman is considered a responsible and important post in the Indian Army.

For your information, let us tell you that there are different types of posts under the Indian Army, which include different types of posts like Army Tradesman, Nursing Officer , Army Clerk etc. Out of these posts, the post of Army Tradesman is considered very important and responsible. That is why lakhs of youths apply for this post every year. But they are not able to succeed. So in this article, we will tell you in detail with complete information what is Army Tradesman? How to become an army tradesman? What is the procedure to become an army tradesman? What to do to become an army tradesman? After knowing this you can become Army Tradesman.

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What is Army Tradesman? ,

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Tradesmen in the Indian Army are one of the most important parts of the military. For your information, let us tell you that a tradesman is required to ensure the smooth running and proper functioning of a unit in the Indian Army. The tradesman appointed in the Indian Army ensures all these tasks and gets those tasks completed by taking responsibility at his level. The Army Solider Tradesman category under the Indian Army is divided into two parts. The first part is on general duty which is called GD and the second part is the post of specified duty which is called SD .

The work of Indian Army Tradesman is done on the basis of his department. Generally the work of Indian military tradesman is cooking. Soldiers’ clothes are stitched. There is a tailor work in the form of beard hair cutting of the soldiers. Artisan’s work is done. Support staff work. The job of a washerman is to wash clothes. House keeper’s job is done. There is a job of taking care of horses. Mess keeper, chef, dresser, tailor, painter, steward, artisan, etc. are various types of work done by Indian Army tradesmen. All this work is done for the convenience and maintenance of the armed forces soldiers.

Eligibility Criteria for Army Tradesman (Army Tradesman Eligibility 

You all are well aware that various types of qualifications have to be proved for appointment under the Army. There are different types of physical and medical tests, there are examinations, there are races. So all this is applicable for Indian Army Tradesman also. However, the Army Tradesman has to prove lesser qualification as compared to the Armed Forces Soldier. But only after proving all these qualifications, Army Tradesman becomes —

  1. The applicant applying for Army Tradesman must be at least 17 years and 5 months old.
  2. The maximum age limit of Army Tradesman candidate has been fixed at 23 years.
  3. Army Tradesman age will be calculated from the date of birth to the day of recruitment.
  4. Army Tradesman Mess Keeper and Housekeeper should have minimum 10th pass educational qualification .
  5. Army Tradesman for Housekeeper and Mess Keeper can pass 10th standard from any recognized board or educational institution.
  6. Generally, the educational qualification ITI has been prescribed for Army Tradesman.
  7. Candidate can do ITI from any recognized college or educational institute .
  8. At least 8th pass candidates are also taken for the post of Army Tradesman for Mess Keeper and Housekeeper.
  9. Army Tradesman candidates should normally weigh 48 kgs.
  10. The height of the Army Tradesman candidate should normally be 165 cms.
  11. The chest size of Army Tradesman candidates should normally be 75 cms.
  12. Different states have prescribed different physical standards for Army Tradesman candidates.
  13. Army Tradesman candidate also have to prove education qualification.
  14. Army Tradesman candidate should be completely physically and mentally fit.
  15. Indian Army Tradesman candidate must have at least 14 dental points.
  16. Tradesman candidate should have 6/6 and binocular vision in both eyes.
  17. Army Tradesman candidate should not have any type of patient.
  18. The hearing ability of the candidate should be normal in both the ears.
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How to become an Army Tradesman? ,

It is not so easy to become an army tradesman, but after reading this information in detail, it will not be difficult for you to do so. How to apply for Army Tradesman? What are the exams to clear for army tradesman? And how to become an army tradesman by completing the process, let us know:

Online Registration – To become an Army Tradesman, first you have to apply online under the recruitment organized for Army Tradesman. Apply for the recruitment after reaching the official website. Here you have to enter all the necessary and important information correctly and also upload the relevant documents. After applying online, the date will be fixed for the health test, on that date you have to go for the health test.

Physical Fitness Test — Physical fitness is very important for any post in the army. So after applying for this recruitment you have to give physical fitness training. Here you will have to pass the physical fitness test only after that you will be able to move forward. Running is a part of physical fitness training. The prescribed weight has to be met. Body length, chest size and a gap of 9 feet has to be crossed by jumping.

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Medical Examination – It is necessary for you to undergo a medical examination in order to get a job in any post under the Indian Army. The applicant should be completely healthy. Medical test is mandatory for this. Under the medical test, it is seen whether the applicant is suffering from any kind of diseases or not. Apart from this, the vision of the eyes is seen. It is done on the ability to listen. Apart from this, various types of medical tests are done.

Common Entrance Test — The written test is the final test under this recruitment process. However, even after that you have to get a place in the merit. But after passing the written recruitment test or the process ends. For your information, let us tell you that the written examination is of total 100 marks. Out of which 50 questions are asked. After this exam three subjects are included. These include Mathematics, General Science and General Knowledge. 30% students who qualify this test are added to the final merit list.


In this article till now you have come to know what is Army Tradesman? What are the exams to clear to become an army tradesman? What is the process to become an army tradesman? We have told you the complete information etc. After reading this article carefully, you will know how to become an army tradesman? At present most of the youth want to do government job and also most of them want to do job in Indian Army. In such a situation, we have made you how you can join the Indian Army by becoming an Army Tradesman. Hope you must have liked this information. If you have any query related to this article? So you can ask by commenting in the below comment section.

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