What is Junior Assistant – How to become Junior Assistant,

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi

Today in this post you will know that Junior Assistant Kya Hota Hai and Junior Assistant Kaise Bane , Junior Assistant ‘s Salary , Qualification , Junior Assistant’s work and if you want to become Junior Assistant. So you can read all the information related to it in this post.

Meaning of junior assistant

Junior Assistant means junior assistant. Junior assistant is required in all the departments of government or private organization, it helps in all the work done in the department. Junior Assistant should know how to operate computer.

What is Junior Assistant?

The post of Junior Assistant is in all government offices or private offices, the person assigned to this post helps in all the work done in the office. Junior Assistant is also called a clerk, Junior Assistant has to help his higher officers while holding this post. And they have to follow the instructions of their seniors.

How to ban junior assistant

To become a Junior Assistant, it is mandatory for the student to do 12th or graduation from any recognized institution, only after passing that he can apply for the post of Junior Assistant. And apart from this, that candidate should know how to operate a computer. And he should know typing in Hindi, English and his Typing Speed ​​should be 25 words or 30 words per minute. After that he can apply his interest in Bali Field so that he can become junior assistant there.

If any person who wants to go to a higher post, first of all he has to do the job of Junior Assistant so that he can get some general knowledge related to that post and can improve his collaborative talent.

Junior Assistant Qualification

The following are the qualifications to become a Junior Assistant

  • The person who wants to become Junior Assistant must have completed his studies from any recognized institution.
  • That person should know how to operate computer, his typing speed should be good.
  • His behavior should be cooperative.
  • The age of the person becoming Junior Assistant should be between 21 years to 32 years .
  • That person should have work interest.
Junior Assistant to Karya

Following are the duties of Junior Assistant

  • The job of Junior Assistant is to assist the person of higher post than that.
  • The main job of Junior Assistant is computer related data feeding.
  • The work of junior assistant is mainly for writing content in Hindi language and data feeding in government departments.
  • The job of Junior Assistant is to complete the work in stipulated time. And it tries to finish its work very quickly and before time.
  • His work is special in any organization, he does his work completely and honestly.

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