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What is the skill test in SSC CHSL?

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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What is the skill test in SSC CHSL?: This is the third tier of SSC CHSL. You have to qualify this exam in order to get the job. But there is no marking system in this exam. This is a typing test. For the post of DEO the parameters for qualifying is different to that of LDC and other posts. Here we will try to answer the question like is backspace allowed, How many mistakes are allowed in typing test Chsl? Etc. Staff Selection Commission are very strict in there exams. But to be honest this exam is not that tough if you are practicing for a while.

We will also talk about what are the methods to counter you typing speed. What are actually defined as mistakes in SSC CHSL typing test? we will talk about all in this article.


What is the skill test in SSC CHSL?: Overview

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The SSC CHSL is a skill test that examines the candidate’s ability to type. For the post of of LDC you need to have a key depression of 1750 or 35 WPM ( word per minute). For DEO you need to have 2000 depression or 27 WPM.

Important Things to remember for the SSC CHSL skill test 2020?

  • Typing Test will be conducted in English or in  Hindi. Students will choose the medium of the skill test. This will be done on the day off from fill up or registration.
  • Candidates choosing for English medium should have typing speed of 35 words per minute.
  • Candidates choosing for Hindi medium should have typing speed of 30 words per minute.
  • For the post of DEO 15 Minute.
  • For the post of LDC 10 Minute.
  • Visually Handicapped candidates with 40% disability and above will be given 30 minutes.


Mistakes of SSC CHSL Skill Test

Many of the students are not aware of how the mistakes are calculated. As this is a central government job so there must be some rules based on which the mistakes are calculated. Now there are two types of Mistakes. One is Half Mistake and the other is Full Mistake. Its based on types of mistakes. Like if you have mistakenly added a word or a figure than this is considered as full mistake. And if you have wrote the words ” his friend” as ”hisfriend”. This is an example of half mistake. Try not to do any of the mistakes. Here we will give point wise feature of these two mistakes.

Full Mistake

Try not to do any full mistakes as much as possible. Doing more such types of mistakes will result in not qualifying the exam. So practice hard. We will give Tips on how make you typing speed good. But now lets see the features of Full Mistakes:

  • Omission of Word or Figure
  • Substitution of wrong word or figure
  • Addition of word or new figure added not found in the given passage


Half Mistakes

This is a minor mistake. But more mistakes could result in disqualification. So you need to concentrate during typing. This types of mistake sometimes happen due to lack of concentration a practice. Here is the feature of mistakes:

  • Spacing errors or mistakes: if space between the two words is missing, it will be treated as half mistake. For example: ‘Hisfriend.’
  • For every spelling error done due to repetition, addition, transposition, substitution or omission. For example: ‘Player’ typed as ‘layer’.
  • In case of wrong capitalization (does not apply in Hindi typing).

LDC: 10 min (35 wpm or 1750 depression)
DEO: 15 min (27 wpm or 2000 depression)


LDC: 10 min (30 wpm or 1500 depression)

Formula for finding Error % for DEO & LDC:



Here is the official website of SSC. You can look at this to have the Official statement by SSC. Thank you.

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