District & Sessions Judge (D&SJ) Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam Answer Key 2023 Revealed

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam Answer Key 2023 Revealed

The D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam is a crucial step in the direct recruitment process for the Protocol Assistant position within the District & Sessions Judge establishment. This examination plays a vital role in assessing the knowledge and aptitude of candidates aspiring to join this esteemed institution.

Notification: Answer Key Release and Exam Date

On 15th May 2023, the Gauhati High Court issued a significant notification regarding the release of the answer key for the written examination held on 13th May 2023. This examination served as a platform for individuals seeking direct recruitment as Protocol Assistants in D&SJ Dibrugarh.

Gauhati High Court’s Answer Key Publication

The Gauhati High Court takes great pleasure in announcing the publication of the answer key for the Protocol Assistant Written Examination. This answer key corresponds to the question paper administered on 13th May 2023 (Saturday) at the examination center in Guwahati. The answer key will play a crucial role in the evaluation process of the objective type multiple-choice question paper.

Evaluation Process: Usage of Answer Key for OMR Scripts

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To ensure a fair and standardized evaluation, the High Court will employ the answer key during the assessment of the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) answer scripts. This key will serve as a benchmark for scoring and determining the correctness of responses provided by the candidates.

In conclusion, the release of the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam answer key marks an important milestone in the recruitment process. Candidates can now utilize this key to gauge their performance and anticipate their potential results. The Gauhati High Court remains committed to maintaining transparency and fairness throughout the evaluation process, further strengthening its reputation as a distinguished institution.

Importance of the Answer Key for Candidates

The answer key holds significant importance for the candidates who appeared in the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam. It serves as a valuable resource for them to cross-check their answers and evaluate their performance in the examination. By comparing their responses with the correct answers provided in the answer key, candidates can assess their level of accuracy and identify any areas where improvement may be needed. This feedback is essential for candidates to understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to strategize their future preparation effectively.

Transparency and Accountability in the Evaluation Process

The utilization of an answer key in the evaluation process ensures transparency and accountability. By providing the correct answers to the objective type multiple-choice questions, the answer key sets a standard for evaluating the candidates’ performance. It eliminates any ambiguity or subjective judgment in the assessment, as the scoring is based on predetermined criteria. This approach instills confidence in the candidates, knowing that their results are determined objectively, adhering to a set benchmark.

Facilitating the Selection Process

The answer key plays a crucial role in the selection process for the Protocol Assistant position. After the evaluation of the OMR answer scripts using the answer key, the candidates’ scores can be calculated accurately. These scores form the basis for shortlisting candidates for further stages of the recruitment process, such as interviews or additional assessments. By providing a fair and standardized means of evaluating the candidates’ knowledge and aptitude, the answer key ensures that the most deserving candidates progress to the subsequent stages.

Subheading: Continuous Improvement and Feedback

The answer key not only benefits the candidates but also serves as a valuable tool for the recruiting authorities. It allows them to analyze the overall performance of the candidates and identify any trends or patterns in incorrect responses. This information helps in identifying topics or concepts that may require further emphasis in future recruitment processes. By continuously improving the examination content based on the insights gained from the answer key, the authorities can enhance the selection process and ensure that it remains relevant and aligned with the desired competencies for the Protocol Assistant position.

Steps to Check Gauhati High Court Answer Key

Checking the Gauhati High Court answer key for the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam is a straightforward process. Candidates can follow the steps outlined below to access the answer key and review their performance:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Begin by visiting the official website of the Gauhati High Court. Open your preferred web browser and enter the official website’s URL in the address bar.
  2. Navigate to the Answer Key Section: Look for the “Answer Key” or “Recruitment” section on the website’s homepage. The location may vary, but it is generally found under the “Latest Updates” or “Notifications” tab.
  3. Locate the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Answer Key: Once you have accessed the answer key section, search for the specific answer key related to the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam. It may be listed by the exam date or job position.
  4. Click on the Answer Key Link: Click on the link provided for the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Answer Key. This will redirect you to a new page or open a PDF document containing the answer key.
  5. Download or View the Answer Key: Depending on the website’s functionality, you can either download the answer key in PDF format or view it directly on the webpage. Choose the option that is available and convenient for you.
  6. Cross-Check Your Answers: Once you have the answer key, compare it with your recorded answers from the written exam. Carefully go through each question and mark your responses against the correct answers provided in the answer key.
  7. Evaluate Your Performance: Analyze your performance by assessing the number of correct and incorrect answers. This will give you a better understanding of your strengths and areas that require improvement. Use this feedback to plan your future preparation strategies effectively.
  8. Seek Clarifications (if applicable): If you have any doubts or concerns regarding specific questions or answers in the answer key, refer to the instructions provided by the Gauhati High Court for seeking clarifications. Follow the prescribed procedure to address your queries or discrepancies, if permitted.

By following these steps, candidates can easily access and check the Gauhati High Court answer key for the D&SJ Dibrugarh Protocol Assistant Written Exam. It is a valuable resource that assists in evaluating performance and provides valuable feedback for further improvement.

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