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HS 1st year Political Science question paper 2020 | class 11 | AHSEC

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Exploring the HS 1st Year Political Science Question Paper 2020 for Class 11 by AHSEC

Unveiling the Insights of AHSEC’s Class 11 Political Science Examination

In the realm of academic assessments, the HS 1st year Political Science question paper for the year 2020 administered by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) holds significant importance. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this examination and unravel the essential elements that students need to comprehend for achieving success.

Understanding the Structure of the Question Paper

Key Components of the Political Science Question Paper

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The political science question paper for class 11 comprises various sections designed to evaluate students’ comprehension, analytical, and critical thinking abilities. These sections typically include:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): These questions aim to assess students’ understanding of fundamental concepts and theories in political science.
  2. Short Answer Questions: Short answer questions require concise responses, testing students’ knowledge and understanding of specific topics.
  3. Long Answer Questions: Long answer questions delve deeper into topics, requiring students to provide comprehensive explanations, analyses, and arguments.

Analyzing the Syllabus Coverage

Examination of the AHSEC Political Science Syllabus

To excel in the HS 1st year Political Science examination, students must thoroughly grasp the syllabus prescribed by AHSEC. The syllabus typically covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Political Theory
  • Indian Constitution
  • International Politics
  • Contemporary World Politics

Tips for Effective Preparation

Strategies to Ace the Political Science Examination

  1. Comprehensive Study Material: Utilize textbooks, reference books, and online resources to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Regular Revision: Allocate time for regular revision of concepts, theories, and case studies to reinforce understanding and retention.
  3. Practice Previous Year Papers: Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and question types by solving previous year’s question papers.
  4. Effective Time Management: Allocate time wisely during the examination to ensure adequate coverage of all sections and questions.


In conclusion, the HS 1st year Political Science question paper for class 11 by AHSEC serves as a vital assessment tool for evaluating students’ knowledge and understanding of political science concepts. By comprehensively preparing and adopting effective study strategies, students can navigate through the examination with confidence and achieve commendable results.


Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


(Contemporary World Politics)

1. (a) Write the full form of NATO.         1

(b) _________initiated the reforms in Soviet Union in 1985.      1

(c) In which year Iraq invaded Kuwait?         1

(d) Which event does ‘9/11’ refer to in the context of Contemporary World Politics?        1

(e) What do you mean by ‘Operation Desert Storm’? 1

(f) Where was the First SAARC Summit held?     1

2. Write two principles of New International Economic Order.         2

3. Why did big powers need to have alliance with smaller countries? Write two reasons.    2

4. Write two causes of disintegration of Soviet Union.    2

5. Write two constraints on American hegemony.  2

6. In which year the World Bank was created? Mention any one activity of the World Bank.      2

7. What is the difference between traditional and non-traditional security?        2

8. Discuss briefly the causes of conflict between India and Pakistan.    4

AHSEC CLASS 11 Political Science Question Paper 2020

9. Discuss briefly about the need of reforms in the United Nations.       4

10. What is the relationship between human security and health? Discuss briefly.     4

11. What is the relationship between the rights of indigenous people and environment? Discuss briefly.      4

AHSEC CLASS 11 Political Science Question Paper 2020

12. Write two arguments in favour of and two arguments against globalization.         4

13. Discuss the consequences of disintegration of Soviet Union.         6


Discuss the latest trend in Indo-U.S. relationship.   6

AHSEC CLASS 11 Political Science Question Paper 2020

14. Examine the political and diplomatic influence of European Union.      6


Describe the aims and achievements of Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).           6


(Politics in India since Independence)

15. (a) India has a multi-part system.  (Write true or false) 1

(b) Who was the Chairman of the drafting committee of The Constituent Assembly?       1

(c) Simla Agreement was signed between India and ________. (Fill in the blank)    1

(d) Where the first Non-Aligned Summit was held?    1

(e) Article ______of the Indian Constitution gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. (Fill in the blank)      1

(f) Write the full form of ‘NEDA’.   1

16. Mention any two Ideologies of Bharatiya Jana Sangh.       2

17. When was the Election Commission in India formed? Who was the first Election Commissioner of India?        2

18. Write two consequences of Emergency of 1975.     2

19. Write any two factors responsible for the emergence of regional political parties in India.      2

20. Write two recommendations of the Mandal Commission.     2

21. Mention two main features of New Economic Policy in India.   2

22. Explain briefly the consequences of Partition of India.   4

23. Discuss briefly about India’s Nuclear Policy.     4

24. Discuss briefly about the controversy relation to Presidential Election of 1969.        4

25. Discuss briefly about Chipko Movement.    4

26. Discuss briefly the main features of Coalition Govt. in India.  4

27. Discuss the economic and political results of Green Revolution.      6


State the main arguments in the debate that ensued between Industrialisation and Agriculture Development at the time of Second Five Year Plan.       6

28. Analyse the lessons India got from emergency.       6


Describe about the Politics of the North-East and the demands of autonomy in the region.        6

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