SBI Bank ATM Space Rental: Online Application Form and Contact Number

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Maximizing Rental Income with SBI Bank ATM Space: Streamlined Process and Contact Details

State Bank of India (SBI) prides itself on its commitment to customer service, constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet evolving needs. One such initiative involves installing ATMs strategically, a process that often involves renting space from property owners and businesses. This symbiotic relationship benefits both parties, as SBI gains convenient ATM locations while landlords enjoy a steady rental income.

Exploring the Lucrative Opportunity of Renting SBI Bank ATM Space

As India’s urban population burgeons, so does the demand for accessible ATMs. Despite the push towards online transactions, many still rely on physical cash, whether due to limited access or personal preference. Consequently, the need for ATM locations remains robust, presenting a golden opportunity for property owners to monetize their spaces.

Capitalizing on the Demand: Renting Your Property for SBI ATM Installation

If you find yourself in an area lacking ATM facilities, seize the chance to lease your property for ATM placement. Renting to SBI Bank involves a straightforward online application process, accessible through the Indicash website—a seamless solution facilitated by partnerships with various banks.

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SBI Bank ATM Space Rental: Online Application Form

Key Information on SBI Bank ATM Space Rental

  • Official Website: SBI Bank
  • Contact Number: 1800 1234

Unlocking the Benefits of Leasing Space for an SBI ATM

  1. Steady Rental Income: Property owners receive regular rental payments from SBI, with rates contingent on location and space size.
  2. Increased Foot Traffic: ATMs attract significant footfall, potentially boosting business for adjacent establishments.
  3. Enhanced Security: With robust security measures, ATM installations contribute to the overall safety of the vicinity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Space for an SBI Bank ATM

  1. Submit Proposal: Present your space to a bank for evaluation, highlighting its suitability for ATM installation.
  2. Evaluation Process: Banks assess demand and feasibility before providing a proposal format.
  3. Property Specifications: Preferably, offer freehold properties with ample space, approximately 10×10 feet.
  4. Negotiation: Commercial terms, including rent and taxes, are negotiated based on prevailing market rates.
  5. Infrastructure Requirements: Allocate space for server rooms and necessary network connectivity installations.

Optimal Approaches for Engaging SBI Bank for Rental Opportunities

  1. Broker Assistance: Leverage local brokers experienced in bank property rentals for a streamlined process.
  2. Direct Interaction: Visit the bank or explore their official website for rental inquiries.
  3. Online Advertising: Utilize reputable real estate platforms to showcase your property’s rental potential.

Prerequisites for Renting to SBI Bank ATM

To qualify for leasing to SBI Bank, ensure your property meets the following criteria:

  1. Size Compatibility: Property dimensions should align with the bank’s specifications.
  2. Strategic Location: Properties situated in commercially viable areas are preferred.
  3. Legal Clarity: Ensure your property is free from any legal encumbrances or disputes.


Renting space for SBI Bank ATM installation presents a lucrative opportunity for property owners, offering stable rental income amidst India’s digital evolution. By adhering to the outlined steps and prerequisites, landlords can seamlessly tap into this mutually beneficial arrangement, contributing to enhanced banking accessibility while reaping financial rewards.

Application for SBI Bank ATM Franchise

Date: [Date]

To, The Manager, SBI Bank, [Branch Address]

Subject: Application for SBI Bank ATM Franchise

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, [Your Name], residing at [Your Address], hereby submit my application for the franchise of installing an SBI Bank ATM at my property located at [Property Address].

I have carefully reviewed the requirements outlined by SBI Bank for ATM installation and believe that my property meets all the necessary criteria. It is strategically located in [mention location details], which experiences significant foot traffic and aligns with the bank’s target demographic.

I understand the importance of providing accessible banking services to the community and am committed to ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the ATM facility. Additionally, I am willing to comply with all the terms and conditions set forth by SBI Bank regarding ATM franchise operations.

Enclosed with this application, please find the following documents for your review:

  1. Copy of Property Ownership Documents
  2. Location Map of the Proposed Site
  3. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Relevant Authorities
  4. Any Additional Documents as Required by the Bank

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with SBI Bank to enhance banking accessibility in our locality and look forward to the opportunity to contribute positively to the community.

Thank you for considering my application. I am available for any further discussions or clarifications needed regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name] [Your Contact Information] [Your Email Address]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – SBI Bank ATM Space Rental

**How can I rent out space for an SBI Bank ATM?

To rent out space for an SBI Bank ATM, you can initiate the process by submitting an online application through the official website of SBI Bank or by contacting the bank directly. Additionally, you may explore the possibility of renting through third-party platforms or brokers specialized in bank property rentals.

**What are the eligibility criteria for renting my property to SBI Bank for ATM installation?

Your property should meet certain criteria to be eligible for renting to SBI Bank for ATM installation. These criteria typically include the property’s size, location within commercially viable areas, and clearance from any legal disputes or encumbrances.

**What documents are required for applying for an SBI Bank ATM franchise?

When applying for an SBI Bank ATM franchise, you will typically need to provide documents such as property ownership documents, location maps of the proposed site, a no objection certificate (NOC) from relevant authorities, and any additional documents as specified by the bank.

**What are the benefits of renting out space for an SBI Bank ATM?

Renting out space for an SBI Bank ATM comes with several benefits, including regular rental income, increased foot traffic which can benefit surrounding businesses, and enhanced security measures typically associated with ATM installations.

**How long are the rental agreements typically for SBI Bank ATM spaces?

Rental agreements for SBI Bank ATM spaces typically span 10 years or more, providing property owners with a secure and stable source of income over an extended period.

**What is the procedure for renting space to set up an SBI Bank ATM?

The procedure for renting space to set up an SBI Bank ATM involves submitting a proposal to the bank, evaluating the demand for ATM facilities in the specified area, negotiating commercial terms including rent and taxes, and ensuring compliance with infrastructure requirements for ATM installation.

**How can I approach SBI Bank for online rent regarding ATM space?

You can approach SBI Bank for online rent regarding ATM space through various channels, including direct visits to the bank, checking the bank’s official website for rental inquiries, or advertising your property on reputable real estate platforms.

**What are the financial considerations involved in renting space for an SBI Bank ATM?

The rental amount for SBI Bank ATM spaces is typically determined based on prevailing market rates in the area, ranging from Rs. 60 to Rs. 150 per square foot per month. Landlords are responsible for all applicable taxes associated with the rental income.

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