by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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SSC has released its date for SSC CHSL exam. Our team has planned a Preparation strategy on SSC CHSL. Now to crack any exam you need complete analysis on the exam pattern and the syllabus. Now when it comes to any ssc exams it becomes more important. Because SSC repeats its previous year questions. So lets understand the syllabus and the exam pattern




Now i often say in all my preparation strategy that understanding exam pattern is one of the most important part for cracking any exam. Now If you understand the exam pattern and syllabus in detail then your 15% of work is done. And will feel the confidence from inside. So lets understand the exam pattern.

Name of the exam Marks Type
Tier 1 200 Marks  Must clear the cut off
Tier 2 100 Marks Qualifying(but marks will be added)
Tier 3 Computer test Only Qualifying ( no marks will be added)

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Let me explain the exam pattern in detail. Now your marks form your first and second tier will be added and out these you final merit list will be created. Now there is no interview and there will be no marks added to the third tier.

So your first and second tire becomes very important.


Now Tier 1 has 4 subjects and each subject have 25 questions. Total 100 questions.  Now to crack the exams you need to at least get 135 to 145 marks in tier 1. Now the cut off mark get changed but it will be under 135 to 145 not more. Lets understand the ssc chsl syllabus 2020

In their 1 there are 4 subjects

  1. Quantitative aptitude
  2. General Intelligence and reasoning
  3. English Language
  4. General Awareness
Subject No. Of Questions Marks Total Duration
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 50 60 Minutes

Total Marks


Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
General English 25 50
General Awareness 25 50

General Intelligence and reasoning        

Number & Alphabetical Series, Coding Decoding, Analogy, Odd one Out, Embedded or Complete the Image, Counting Figure, Blood relations, Matrix, Mathematical Calculations, Words order, Syllogism, Directions Sense, Ranking, Non-verbal: Paper Folding & Cutting, Mirror Image.

Quantitative aptitude

Number System/HCF/LCM, Percentage, Average, Time & Work, Profit & Loss, Ratio, Mixture & Allegation, Time Speed Distance, CI & SI, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, DI( Data Interpretation) Algebra.


Basic Spot the error, Fill in the blanks, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spelling and detecting mis-spelt words, Idioms & Phrases, One word substitution, Improvement of sentences, Comprehension Passage.

General Awareness

Geography, History, Political Science, General science, Economics  (Mostly current affairs) and current affairs.

Now in Tier 2 you need to write a essay, latter and application. Now the qualifying mark is 33% in general. But your marks will be added.

SSC CHSL PREPARATION STRATEGY: ssc chsl preparation books

Choosing the right book will help you saving a lot of time.  Now there are lots of good books today at the market but our aim is to get the book that covers all the required topics and not the unnecessary topics an concepts.

General Intelligence and reasoning        

Kiran Publications SSC Reasoning chapter wise solved papers

For me this is the best book for ssc reasoning. Because it covers all questions that have come in ssc exams and it has chapter wise and types wise questions. Which make your preparation very systematic.

If you even solve about 30 question of each type from each chapter. Then i can guarantee that you will at least get 21 to 23 marks in reasoning.

Quantitative Aptitude

This parts scares people a lot but with proper handwork and proper guidance you will easily can get over this part.

Now i will give two books make sure that you go through both the books.

SSC Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav.

OR Kiran Publications SSC Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav chapter wise solved papers.

English Language

For English grammar you can go for

S.P Bakshis  Objective English By Arihant publication

And for comprehension go for daily newspaper like The Hindus.

For Synonyms and Antonyms go for previous year question papers, 95% of word meaning will come form previous year questions.

General Awareness

This is very confusing part as question may come from any part. So go for Airihant publication objective gk which contain 140000 questions. This at least ensure you static part.

SSC CHSL PREPARATION STRATEGY: How to prepare for the exam?

Now many people tend to give tips on how crack the examination. But i feel this wrong because everyone has its different style of preparation. And depending upon that preparation strategy is made.

Now letting that you have at least 3 month for the exam. And if you have experience in the exam then its great but not having is not a problem. You just need to work hard.


For those who are weak at English should work hard and follow all my tips.

Learn at least 10 grammar rules from SP Bakhish and after reading each rule read any newspapers editorial page and then try to relate the rules you have read.

  • This is the most effective process, this will boast you grammar portion and also the comprehension part.
  • Then after 10 days try doing the previous year question papers.
  • After 20 to 25 days doing mock test every 3 days.
  • And after 30 to 40 days try doing mock test every 2 day at least, doing mock test every day is great.

For free bundle mock test contact us by mailing us.

Quantitative Aptitude

Now for quantitative aptitude try clearing the concepts first.

  • Do the question process form rakesh yadavs book as this book provides the most reliable process for SSC.
  • Then after completing each chapter try doing all types of question form that chapter. This will increase your speed. If you complete Kirans book then there will no question comming out of these book.
  • Try doing mock test form 30th no day. Do test every 3 days and after 40 day, do mock test every day and giving more mock test great.
  • Remember once you have completed all basic concepts give mock test as much as you can try increasing your marks.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

This is the most scoring part, so make sure you get at least 21 to 23 marks. And if you follow my process than you will surely get this marks.

  • Do all types o question Kirans book. If you are not able to complete all question its OK but do at least 20 question from each type of question. There is no other types of question that will come in ssc chsl.
  • Now after 20 days give mock test i think 20 to 30 day is maximum for completing reasoning.
  • Make sure that give as many mock as possible, Because Reasoning is easy for all but the one who gives more mock test will just not get good marks also save time for the weaker subject.

General Awareness

This a unpredictable part. Now in SSC there nothing as tough and easy for G.K. Now here you can’t plan to get 20 marks very single time even hard work. So try for 15 to 20 marks in mind and you are lucky you may get 20 plus.

Static Gk is the targeting part. So do previous year question paper. At least last 10 years.

You can go for Arihant publications book as i have mentioned above. This will ensure your static gk part and the economics too.

For current affairs go for our current affairs model which is totally free. Or you can go for different you tube channel that provide current affairs, try going for the to online couching institutes because its free and trusted.

For any help or career guide please mail us. We will provide free career guide for students.


SSC has the record of releasing their admit card 10 to 15 days before the exam. So this year SSC is going to conduct SSC CHSL 2020 form 16th of march. So admit card is expected to be given at start of march. Check you result here.








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