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SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF: Quantitative Aptitude is a important part in ssc exams. Just not in SSC exams, but also in in Railway, IBPS, SBI and Some part of UPSC. Now this series is about everyday questions on Quantitative Aptitude. Now with good practice its important that you are tasted with different question too. It might be easy. Now you can take this as a practice test, mock test or even daily question paper. But it will certainly stretch your Quantitative Aptitude Questions.

Topics for SSC Quantitative Aptitude

  • Data Interpretation
  • Inequalities
  • Percentages
  • Number Series
  • Arithmetic Aptitude
  • Profit and Loss
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  • Age Problems
  • Work And Time
  • Time & Speed
  • Probability
  • Mensuration
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Averages
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Partnerships
  • Stream Boat Problems
  • Mixture and Alligation
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Coding and Decoding

Here are the lists of questions for SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions.

SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF

This test is prepared by our team. Its for all SSC (STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION) Exams. Now this test will see your endurence and other ability. Our team will increase the level of the examination one by one. Now we have made this test after a lot of survey and testing on different of students.We can download the question on the given pdf. But we prefer you first solve it. And if you find any problem then contact us. Either give us a comment or or you can mail us or registrar. All these are free. We don’t cost you anything. We have a policy of providing Education for free.

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1. A man moves downstream at a rate of 14 km/h and upstream at a rate of 6 km/h. Speed of boat in still water is

(a) 4 km/h

(b) 10 km/h

(c) 16 km/h

(d) 2 km/h

(e) None of these

ANSWER-(b) 10 km/h


2. A man moves 20 km down stream in 5 hours and 10 km up stream in same time. The speed of stream

(a) 4 km/h

(b) 1 km/h

(c) 1.6 km/h

(d) 3.4 km/h

(e) None of these

ANSWER- (b) 1 km/h


3. A boat travels 18 km towards upstream in 6 hours. How long  will it take to cover the same distance downstream the speed current is one fourth the speed of boat in still water. (Take the time as hours)

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 3.6

(d) 3.4

(e) None of these

Answer- (c) 3.6


4. A person can row with the stream at 8 km/h and against the stream at 4 km/h. The speed of the current is (In km/hr)

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 1.5

(d) 4 (e) None of these

Answer- (b) 2


5. When the speed of the boat is 4km/h in still water and the rate of stream is 2 km/h, find upstream speed of the boat ?

(a) 6 km/h

(b) 5 km/h

(c) 2 km/h

(d) 7 km/h

(e) None of these

Answer- (c) 2 km/h


6. If the speed of the swimmer in the still water is 9 km/h. Find the downstream speed of the swimmer, when the river is flowing with the speed of 6 km/h ?

(a) 15 km/h

(b) 18 km/h

(c) 3 km/h

(d) 12 km/h

(e) None of these

Answer- (a) 15 km/h


7. A motorist covered the first 20 km of his journey in 30 minutes and the remaining 29 km in 40 minutes. His average speed in km/hr is:
(a) 41 3 by 4

(b) 42

(c) 49

(d) 57

(e) None of these

Answer- (b) 42


8. The mean of 19 observations is 4. If one more observation of 24 is added to the data given then the new mean will be:

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 7

(e) None of these

Answer- (b) 5


9. A student bought 4 books for Rs. 120 from one book shop and 6 books for Rs. 150 from another. The average price (in rupees), he paid per book was :

(a) 27

(b) 27.50

(c) 135

(d) 138

(e) None of these

Answer- (a) 27


10. The average of the price per kg. of rice at 10 different places was Rs. 4.85. After a week, the price per kg. was increased by 20 paise at 3 places and decreased by 10 paise at one place. The new average of
price per kg is:

(a) Rs. 4.88

(b) Rs. 4.86

(c) Rs. 4.90

(d) Rs. 5.35

(e) None of these

Answer- (c) Rs. 4.90


What is S.I. of Rs. 800 on 5% per annum for 3 years?


(b) 140

(c) 210

(d) 230

(e) None of these

Answer- (a)120


How many years will it take for amount of Rs. 600 to yield Rs. 120 as interest at 10% per annum of S.I.?

(a)1 year

(b) 3 year

(c) 2 year

(d) 4 year

(e) None of these

Answer- (c) 2 year


A sum of Rs. 15000 amount gave Rs. 4500 as interest in 5 year. What
is rate of interest?




(d) 6% (e) None of these


If you want to know more about SSC Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF contact us.This is the ending of our first series of our Quantitative Aptitude series. If you have any doubt or any quire than please comment, Mail or registrar. We have a policy of giving Education For free.




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