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Assam SET Previous year question paper – SLET Download

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Assam SET Previous year question paper – SLET Download: Assam SET 2020 is comming soon and like any entrance examination we know that previous year question papers will make so much of difference. The SET exam is a exam of three papers and two levels. So the type of examination is quite similar to so NET. Now the question paper for SET will be in PDF format. You can have the set question papers for all the subjects including the common general paper.

There are question papers for 25 subjects in SET NE. Now Assam SET has increased its level recently. And increasingly the question style is some thing you should take note of. Download the Assam SET question paper.

Assam SET Previous year question paper Detail

Exam Assam SET / SLET
Subject No 25
Question Paper Format PDF

Download Assam SET General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I)

This is the general paper for Assam SET. You can download the Assam SET General question paper.

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

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English Medium: Click Here





Download Anthropology Assam SET Question paper

Research methodology and methods: Concepts of epistemology, ontology and theoretical perspectives. Types of research (qualitative andquantitative), research design, hypothesis.Fieldwork and fieldwork tradition; Ethnography, Observation, Interview, Case Study, Life History, Focus group, PRA, RRA, Genealogical Method, Schedules and Questionnaires, Grounded Theory, Exploration and Excavation, GIS.

Download Download

Download Arabic Assam SET Question paper

Download Download



Download Assamese Assam SET Question Paper

Download Download



Download Bengali Assam SET Question Paper

Download Download



Download Bodo Assam SET Question Paper




Download Chemical Sciences Assam SET Question Paper

Inorganic Chemistry
a. Chemical periodicity
b. Structure and Bonding in Homo- and Heteronuclear Molecules
c. Concepts of Acids and Bases
d. Main Group Elements and their Compounds
e. Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds
f. Inner Transition Elements
g. Organometallic Compounds
h. Cages and Metal Clusters
i. Analytical Chemistry
j. Bioinorganic Chemistry
k. Characterisation of Inorganic Compounds
l. Nuclear Chemistry


Download Commerce Assam SET Question Paper

Concepts and elements of business environment: Economic environment-Economic systems, Economic policies(Monetary and fiscal policies); Political environment-Role of government in business; Legal environment-Consumer Protection Act, FEMA; Socio-cultural factors and their influence on business; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Corporate Tax Planning: Concepts and significance of corporate tax planning; Tax avoidance versus tax evasion; Techniques of corporate tax planning; Tax considerations in specific business situations: Make or buy decisions; Own or lease an asset; Retain; Renewal or replacement of asset; Shut down or continue operations.

Download Download



Download Computer Science Assam SET Question Paper

Counting, Mathematical Induction and Discrete Probability:Basics of Counting, Pigeonhole Principle, Permutations and Combinations, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Mathematical Induction, Probability, Bayes’ Theorem.GroupTheory:Groups, Subgroups, Semi Groups, Product and Quotients of Algebraic Structures, Isomorphism, Homomorphism, Automorphism, Rings, Integral Domains, Fields, Applications of Group Theory.

Graph Theory:Simple Graph,Multigraph, Weighted Graph, Paths and Circuits, Shortest Paths in Weighted Graphs, Eulerian Paths and Circuits, Hamiltonian Paths and Circuits, Planner graph, Graph Coloring, Bipartite Graphs, Trees and Rooted Trees, Prefix Codes, Tree Traversals, Spanning Trees and Cut-Sets.

Download Download



Download Economics Assam SET Question Paper

Theory of Consumer Behaviour ,Theory of Production and Costs,Decision making under uncertainty Attitude towards Risk ,Game Theory–Non Cooperative games.

Download Download




Download Education Assam SET Question Paper

Contribution of Indian Schools of philosophy (Sankhya Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, Jainism) with special reference to Vidya, Dayanand Darshan; and Islamic traditions towards educational aims and methods of acquiring valid knowledge. Contribution of Western schools of thoughts (Idealism, Realism, Naturalism, Pragmatism, Marxism, Existentialism)and their contribution to Education with special reference to information, knowledge and wisdom.

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Download English Assam SET Question Paper

Drama,Poetry,Fiction,Non-Fictional Prose,Basic concepts,theories and pedagogy.English in India,

Download Download



Download Environmental Sciences Assam SET Question Paper

Meteorological parameters-pressure, temperature, precipitation, humidity, mixing ratio, saturation mixing ratio,radiation and windvelocity, adiabatic lapse rate, environmental lapse rate.Wind roses.Natural resourcesand their assessment.Remote Sensing and GIS: Principles of remote sensing and GIS. Digital image processing and ground truthing. Application of remote sensing and GIS in land cover/land use planning and management (urban sprawling, vegetation study, forestry, natural resource), waste management and climate change.

Download Download



Download Geography Assam SET Question Paper

Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, Endogenetic and Exogenetic forces. Denudation and Weathering,Geomorphic Cycle (Davis and Penck), Theories and Process of Slope Development, Earth Movements (seismicity, folding, faulting and vulcanicity), Land form Occurrence and Causes of Geomorphic Hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes,landslides and avalanches)

Composition and Structure of Atmosphere; Insolation, Heat Budgetof Earth, Temperature, Pressure and Winds, Atmospheric Circulation(air-masses, fronts and upper air circulation, cyclones and anticyclones(tropical and temperate), Climatic Classification of Koppen & Thornth waite, ENSO Events (El Nino, La Nina and Southern Oscillations), Meteorological Hazards and Disasters(Cyclones,Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hailstorms, Heat and Cold waves Droughtand Cloudburst , Glacial Lake Outburst (GLOF), Climate Change: Evidencesand Causes of Climatic Change in the past,Human impacton Global Climate.

Download Download



Download Hindi Assam SET Question Paper

Download Download



Download History Assam SET Question Paper

Negotiating the Sources: Archaeological sources: Exploration, Excavation, Epigraphy and Numismatics. Dating of Archaeological Sites. Literary Sources: Indigenous Literature: Primary and Secondary: problem of dating Religious and Secular Literature, Myths, Legends, etc. Foreign Accounts: Greek, Chinese and Arabic.Pastoralism and Food production: Neolithic and Chalcolithic Phase: Settlement, distribution, tools and patterns of exchange. Indus/Harappa Civilization: Origin, extent, major sites, settlement pattern, craft specialization, religion, society and polity, Decline of Indus Civilization, Internal and externaltrade, First urbanization in India.

Download Download



Download Law Assam SET Question Paper

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom,Information Life Cycle -Generation,Collection, Storage and Dissemination,Role of Information in Planning, Management, Socio-economic, Cultural, Educational and Technological Development,Information Industry -Generators, Providers and Intermediaries.

Download Download



Download Life Sciences Assam SET Question Paper

  1. Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
  2. Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
  3. Cellular Organization
  4. Fundamental Processes
  5. System Physiology – Animal
  6. Developmental Biology
  7. Inheritance Biology
  8. System Physiology – Plant
  9. Diversity of Life Forms
  10. Applied Biology
  11. Ecological Principles
  12. Evolution and Behavior
  13. Methods in Biology


Download Manipuri Assam SET Question Paper

Download Download



Download Mathematical Sciences Assam SET Question Paper

  1. Analysis
  2. Complex Analysis
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Algebra
  5. Topology
  6. Ordinary Differential Equations
  7. Partial Differential Equations
  8. Numerical Analysis
  9. Linear Integral Equations
  10. Calculus of Variations
  11. Classical Mechanics
  12. Exploratory Data Analysis
  13. Descriptive Statistics


Download Persian Assam SET Question Paper

Download   Download



Download Philosophy Assam SET Question Paper

Pre-Socratic Philosophers: Thales, Anaxagoras, Anaximenies, Ionians, Pythagoras, Parmenides, Heraclitus and Democritus, Leibnitz : Monadology, truths of reason and fact, innateness of ideas, proofs for the existence of God, principles of non –contradiction, sufficient reason and identity of indiscernibles, the doctrine of pre -established harmony, problem of freedom.

Download Download




Download Physical Sciences Assam SET Question Paper


  1. Mathematical Methods of Physics
  2. Classical Mechanics
  3. Quantum Mechanics
  4. Electromagnetic Theory
  5. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  6. Electronics and Experimental Methods


  1. Mathematical Methods of Physics
  2. Classical Mechanics
  3. Electromagnetic Theory
  4. Quantum Mechanics
  5. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  6. Atomic & Molecular Physics
  7. Electronics and Experimental Methods
  8. Condensed Matter Physics
  9. Nuclear and Particle Physics


Download Political Science Assam SET Question Paper

Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Mary Wollstonecraft, John Stuart Mill,Karl Marx, Gramsci, Hannah Arendt, Frantz Fanon,Mao Zedong, John Rawls.Dharamshastra, Kautilya, Aggannasutta, Barani, Kabir, Pandita Ramabai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore, M.K Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, Muhammad Iqbal, M.N.Roy, V D Savarkar, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar,J L Nehru, Ram Manohar Lohia, Jaya Prakash Narayan,Deendayal Upadhyaya.Approaches: Institutional, Political Culture, Political Economy and New Institutionalism; Comparative Methods.

Download Download



Download Sanskrit Assam SET Question Paper

Download Download



Download Sociology Assam SET Question Paper

Structure-Functionalism and Structuralism ,Bronislaw Malinowski,A.R. Radcliffe-Brown,Talcott Parsons,Robert K.Merton,Claude Levi Strauss.G.H. Mead,Karl Manheim,Alfred Schutz,Harold Garfinkel,Erving Goffman,Clifford Geertz.

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