by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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HOW TO PREPARE GK for SSC CGL:Our team has been getting a lot of comment from you all that how to get a 40 + on SSC CGL. GK for SSC CGL is not easy but with proper preparation we can crack it. Many say that GK for SSC CGL is impossible to predict but our team don’t agree with this. Actually most of the candidates don’t give the amount of focus they have to give into G.K. Preparation for SSC GK requires consistent practice and good analysis. We will focus on both Static G.K and Current Affairs.HOW TO PREPARE GK for SSC CGL? This is a million dollar question and today i will give you a blur print of how to crack it.

To CRACK any Exam we need to first understand the syllabus first a i say in all my preparation strategies. Now i will give a diagram to understand the exam pattern of SSC CGL 2020.


Exam Pattern for SSC CGL 2020

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Actually SSC CGL ha 4 tier but GK for SSC CGL required for only tier 1 and its a very important Tier. As many neglect this Tier because of its qualifying nature. But many don’t even crack this level. Lets understand the Exam pattern here.

ssc cgl syllabus pdf



Now the general Syllabus is very clear to all. Let me remind to all.

Indian history,Indian polity,economics, and current affairs.


How to prepare for SSC G.K: General Awareness

I will exam part by part what to study and why to study. There will 6 parts

  • History
  • Polity
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Current Affairs
  • Basic Science


History is all about remembering the timeline. If you have any problem of remembering dates and names of any historical figure or any person than i will give you a killer tips to not forget.

Make a copy of dates where you write anything you learn about history in a Timeline. Like in 1947 India has got Independence and in 1947 this was the first prime minister etc. This will always keep the thing in mind and if you forget and can analyses the relation bring the thing back to mind.

Now what are book to study and what to do?

Look Take the book Arihant Publications Objective G.K 14000 QUESTION. This book contains a lots of previous year and repeating question. But read this book at first. First read different biographies and make timeline after getting know a bit about the timeline. Go to this book and test your skills.

Also use net for any thing if you don’t find this help your ability to relate situations in history and will increase your remembering skills.



This a interesting part. First try stay related with current political scenario of India Specially. Or world if there is any significant event going in the world. Here also take the book Arihant Publications Objective G.K 14000 QUESTION and try to solve question. In Polity generally question are related to political situation in India. Like When CAA was a issue in India then lots of question around CAA was asked. Like what are the preamble of the constitution etc. Because CAA was related to Constitutions Preamble. So try to follow different YouTube channel that provides Daily G.K. We can’t use the name of the You Tube channel because of copyright issues. I hope you will find it.


GK for SSC CGL: Geography

Geography is very hard to remember as the names are very distinct from each other. SSC CGL always tent to ask 6 to 8 geography question. Now what to focus and what to not.

Our team has studied all NCERT Book for you all to know what is the important book. We can came with a conclusion that Class 6, Class 7, and Class 9 geography are very important books.

I recommended to study Class 6, Class 7, and Class 9 Geography book and after half of any any of these book go to Arihant Publications Objective G.K 14000 QUESTION and test your self and I  can guarantee you most of the question will come from these books.


Current Affairs

From last few years SSC has increased its number of question from Current Affairs. Now in 2019 all SSC exams has increased it G.K questions. So what to do now?

This is a plus point for the SSC CGL aspirant. Because Current affairs are easy to predict. Now what to study for Current Affairs? For current affair its about efficiency. How much you can gather for the exam that is need. So we can go for our PDF tool which is free. For this please mail us.

Or you can go for different you tube channels that provide current affairs. Go for reputed channel. We can’t say the name of the channels because of copyright issue.


Economics will come under current affairs. Because these days economics are asked on current situations.

General Science

There are three parts for general science

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Now For biology go for NCERT Class 9 book and I don’t think that any question outside of this book will be asked. For safety go for class 10 book also.

For Physics and chemistry go class 9 and class 10 book and the Arihant Publications Objective G.K 14000 QUESTION for testing you skills.

Now if have any problem related to study please mail us. We provide free career counseling. Thank you.


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