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NHM Assam ANM Position Skill Test & Interview Schedule

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Notice & Provisionally shortlisted candidates for Skill Test & Interview for the Position of ANM under NHM, Assam

NHM Assam ANM Position Skill Test & Interview Schedule: In the pursuit of excellence in healthcare services, NHM Assam is progressing towards selecting highly skilled candidates for the position of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) on a contractual basis. This article aims to inform and guide applicants through the crucial stages of the selection process, emphasizing the schedule for the Skill Test & Interview.

NHM Assam ANM Recruitment: A Quick Overview

Applicants, who have applied for the ANM position under NHM Assam based on the advertisement no. NHM-31013(11)/48/2018-HRD-NHM/9512 dated 30.07.2022, and the subsequent notice vide no. NHM-31013(11)/180/2023-HRD-NHM/8972 dated 13.07.2023, are advised to stay informed about the upcoming Skill Test & Interview.

Understanding the Schedule

The NHM Assam has meticulously planned the Skill Test & Interview process to ensure a fair and transparent selection of candidates. The schedule is as follows:

1. Skill Test Details

Assam Direct Recruitment Guide Book PDF

Assamese Medium: Click Here

English Medium: Click Here

Candidates who have been provisionally shortlisted will undergo a Skill Test to assess their competence and proficiency in the required tasks. The Skill Test aims to identify individuals with the necessary skills to excel in the ANM role.

2. Interview Information

Following the Skill Test, candidates will face an Interview that delves deeper into their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the contractual ANM position. The Interview is a crucial step in determining the overall suitability of candidates for the role.

Roll No. Board Date Time
1-80 Board-A  







10:30 AM

81-160 Board-B
161-240 Board-C
241-320 Board-D
321-400 Board-E
401-480 Board-A  





10:30 AM

481-560 Board-B
561-640 Board-C
641-720 Board-D
721-800 Board-E
801-880 Board-A  





10:30 AM

881-960 Board-B
861-1040 Board-C
1041-1120 Board-D
1121-1200 Board-E
1201-1280 Board-A  





10:30 AM

1281-1360 Board-B
1361-1440 Board-C
1441-1520 Board-D
1521-1600 Board-E
Roll No. Board Date Time
1601-1680 Board-A  







10:30 AM

1681-1760 Board-B
1761-1840 Board-C
1841-1920 Board-D
1921-2000 Board-E
2001-2080 Board-A  





10:30 AM

2081-2160 Board-B
2161-2240 Board-C
2241-2320 Board-D
2321-2400 Board-E
2401-2480 Board-A  





10:30 AM

2481-2560 Board-B
2561-2640 Board-C
2641-2720 Board-D
2721-2800 Board-E
2801-2887 Board-A  





10:30 AM

2888-2974 Board-B
2975-3061 Board-C
3062-3148 Board-D
3149-3235 Board-E

Steps to Download NHM Assam ANM Candidates Shortlist

To ease the process for applicants, here is a step-by-step guide on how to download the shortlist of candidates selected for the Skill Test & Interview:

Step 1: Visit the Official NHM Assam Website

Navigate to the official website of NHM Assam by entering the URL in your web browser.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Recruitment’ Section

Look for the ‘Recruitment’ section on the NHM Assam website’s homepage. This section typically contains updates and information related to ongoing recruitments.

Step 3: Find the ANM Recruitment Shortlist

Within the ‘Recruitment’ section, search for the specific notification related to the ANM recruitment. Click on the relevant link to access further details.

Step 4: Download the Shortlist

Once you’ve found the ANM recruitment notification, locate the link to download the shortlist of provisionally shortlisted candidates. Click on the link and save the document for future reference.


Aspiring candidates for the ANM position under NHM Assam are encouraged to diligently follow the provided schedule for the Skill Test & Interview. By staying informed and preparing effectively, applicants can increase their chances of success in securing this coveted contractual position. NHM Assam is committed to a rigorous and fair selection process, ensuring that only the most qualified individuals contribute to the healthcare initiatives in the region. Good luck to all the candidates in their pursuit of this rewarding opportunity!

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