Railway RRB ALP Vacancies Increased from 5696 to 18799 Posts, Check Revised Vacancy Details Here

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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Railway RRB ALP Vacancies Increased from 5696 to 18799 Posts: The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has recently announced a substantial increase in the vacancies for the Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) posts. This decision brings a wave of relief and excitement among the railway job aspirants, as the number of vacancies has seen a significant hike from the initial 5696 posts to a whopping 18799 posts. This article delves into the details of the revised vacancies, the implications for candidates, and the next steps for those who have already applied.

Overview of the RRB ALP Vacancy Increase

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has made an official notification regarding the increase in vacancies for the ALP posts for the year 2024. This move comes after the receipt of additional demands from various zonal railways. The decision was carefully examined and approved by the relevant authorities, leading to a substantial increase in the number of vacancies across different zones.

Railway RRB ALP Vacancies Increased

Detailed Breakdown of Revised Vacancies

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Below is a detailed breakdown of the previous and enhanced vacancies for each zonal railway:

S. No.Zonal RailwayVacancies NotifiedEnhanced Vacancies / Vacancies approved by the Board
1Central Railway5351783
2East Central Railway7676
3East Coast Railway4791595
4Eastern Railway4151382
5North Central Railway241802
6North Eastern Railway43143
7Northeast Frontier Railway129428
8Northern Railway150499
9North Western Railway228761
10South Central Railway5851949
11South East Central Railway11923973
12South Eastern Railway3001001
13Southern Railway218726
14South Western Railway4731576
15West Central Railway219729
16Western Railway4131376

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Impact on Candidates

The significant increase in the number of vacancies is undoubtedly a boon for the candidates who have already applied for the RRB ALP posts. With the enhanced number of vacancies, the chances of selection have substantially improved, providing a greater opportunity for more aspirants to secure a job in the Indian Railways.

Enhanced Selection Opportunities

With the increase in vacancies, candidates now have a better chance of being selected. This change means that more candidates will move forward in the selection process, making it crucial for applicants to stay updated with the latest information and prepare diligently for the upcoming stages of the recruitment process.

No New Applications

It is important to note that RRB will not be accepting new applications for these enhanced vacancies. The opportunity to update the RRB choice will only be given to the existing candidates who have already applied. Therefore, those who missed the initial application window will not be able to apply for these newly announced vacancies.

Steps for Existing Candidates

For the candidates who have already applied, the next steps involve updating their RRB choice to reflect the changes in the number of vacancies. This update process is crucial as it allows candidates to realign their preferences based on the enhanced vacancies.

Updating RRB Choice

Candidates will need to log in to the official RRB website and follow the instructions to update their RRB choice. This update should be done carefully, considering the revised number of vacancies in each zone to maximize the chances of selection.

Preparing for the Next Stages

With the increased vacancies, it becomes even more important for candidates to prepare thoroughly for the next stages of the recruitment process. This includes focusing on the written examination, physical efficiency test, and other selection criteria laid out by the RRB.

Tips for Effective Preparation

To make the most of this opportunity, candidates should adopt a strategic approach to their preparation. Here are some tips to help candidates excel in the upcoming selection stages:

Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

A clear understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern is essential. Candidates should go through the official notification to get detailed insights into the topics that will be covered in the examination.

Create a Study Plan

A well-structured study plan can make a significant difference. Candidates should allocate sufficient time for each subject, ensuring that they cover all the topics thoroughly. Regular revisions and practice tests can help in solidifying their preparation.

Focus on Weak Areas

Identifying and working on weak areas is crucial. Candidates should spend extra time on subjects or topics they find challenging, seeking help from online resources, study groups, or coaching classes if necessary.

Practice Previous Year Papers

Practicing previous year papers can provide candidates with a clear idea of the type of questions asked in the examination. It also helps in improving time management skills, which are crucial during the actual exam.

Stay Updated with Official Notifications

Regularly checking the official RRB website for updates is important. Any changes or additional information regarding the recruitment process will be communicated through official notifications.


The increase in the RRB ALP vacancies from 5696 to 18799 posts is a significant development that brings new hope for railway job aspirants. Existing candidates must seize this opportunity by updating their RRB choice and preparing diligently for the upcoming stages of the recruitment process. By adopting a strategic approach and staying informed, candidates can enhance their chances of securing a coveted position in the Indian Railways. This increase in vacancies underscores the commitment of the RRB to meet the growing demands of the railways and provides a golden opportunity for aspiring loco pilots to embark on a rewarding career.

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