20th October 2022 Current Affairs Quiz in English and Assamese Language

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi
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20th October 2022 Current Affairs Quiz in English and Assamese Language: All the candidates who are looking for 20th October Current Affairs Quiz can check this article and get the latest August Current Affairs Quiz. Candidates can go through the below section to know more details about 20thth October Current Affairs in Quiz Pattern. We have provided current affairs quiz with explanation and static points. Also, applicants can get latest current affairs quiz of 20th September, 2022, and prepare for state/central government exams or any other competitive exam. Bookmark this page to visit more frequently to get daily current affairs.

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Current Affairs is an important section of any Banking, SSC, UPSC, Railway and any Govt. entrance examinations. All the aspirants preparing for the upcoming exams to be held in 2022 must prepare well with this section. Current Affairs Latest Current Affairs 2022 for all competitive exams UPSC, SSC, IAS, Railway-RRB, UPPSC, UKPSC, TNPSC, MPPSC and other state government jobs/exams and banking exams SBI Clerk, SBI PO by our experts went. IBPS PO Clerk, RBI, RRB and more. Keep reading updated current affairs and GK facts on this page on daily and monthly basis. Be aware of the recent events in the country and around the world and equip your preparation for the upcoming Govt. Examination

Current Affairs 2022

Here, we are providing Daily Current Affairs (GK Updates), Current Affairs Quiz (Questions), and Monthly Current Affairs PDF in English and Hindi based on daily news and events.

Daily Current Affairs 2022

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The daily current affairs with date wise and month wise GK are given below. Daily GK Updates and Current Affairs are added month wise. This way, you can stay in touch with all the matters in India and around the world, especially for preparing for government exams.

20th October 2022 Current Affairs (GK Updates) in English

[1] On October 18, 2022, who was appointed by the Central Government as the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) in the Ministry of Finance?

(a) Soma Roy Burman

(b) Pooja Chauhan

(c) Bharti Das ✔️

(d) Deepak Das

অসমীয়াত জানিবলৈ ইয়াত ক্লিক কৰক

[2]) Where was the first ‘Khelo India Women’s Judo National League’ organized from 20 to 23 October 2022?
Will be done?

(a) Guwahati

(b) Bhopal

(c) Delhi ✔️

(d) Jaipur

[3] Who was elected as the new President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on October 18, 2022?

(a) Devjit Saikia

(b) Ashish Shelar

(c) Rajeev Shukla

(d) Roger Binny ✔️

[4] Where is the GI Mahotsav 2022 being organized from October 16 to 21, 2022?

(a) Varanasi ✔️

(b) Bikaner

(c) Kochi

(d) Chandigarh

[5] Who has won the Booker Prize 2022, on October 17, 2022?

(a) Damon Galgut

(b) Salman Rushdie

(c) Gitanjali Shree

(d) Sheehan Karunatilaka ✔️

[6] Which country will host the 18th Asian Cup of Football in 2023?

(a) China

(b) Qatar ✔️

(c) Vietnam

(d) India

[7] The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2022 has been released on October 17, 2022?

(a) WTO

(b) IMF

(c) UNEP

(d) UNDP ✔️

[8] In which state Kati Bihu is celebrated on October 18, 2022?

(a) Odisha

(b) Bihar

(c) Assam ✔️

(d) Sikkim

[9] Who has become the first Indian female athlete to complete the women’s 100m hurdles in less than 13 seconds, on October 17, 2022?

(a) Jyoti Yaraji ✔️

(b) Deepika Kumari

(c) Neelima Ghosh

(d) Kamaljit Sandhu

[10] In which state is the 12th edition of DefExpo being held from October 18-22, 2022?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Gujarat ✔️

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Madhya Pradesh

[11] In which state has Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Mission Schools of Excellence on October 19, 2022?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Karnataka

(c) Kerala

(d) Gujarat ✔️

[12] Who was recently given the prize of ‘Most Popular GI’?

(a) Rasgulla

(b) Bikaneri Bhujia

(c) Hyderabadi Haleem ✔️

(d) Ratlami Sev

[13]Which Single Integrated Pensioners Portal has been launched by the Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh on October 18, 2022?

(a) life

(b) Future ✔️

(c) Ujala

(d) none of these

[14] Where did Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurate Asia’s largest Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) plant, on October 18, 2022?

(a) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

(b) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

(c) Puri, Odisha

(d) Sangrur, Punjab ✔️

[15] Who has recently won the men’s Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball Award) 2022?

(a) Karim Benzema ✔️

(b) Kevin De Bruyne

(c) Lionel Messi

(d) Cristiano Ronaldo

[16] In which state is Veerangana Durgavati Tiger Reserve located?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Madhya Pradesh ✔️

(c) Haryana

(d) Jharkhand

[17] Recently Ulf Christerson has become the new Prime Minister of which country?

(a) France

(b) Russia

(c) Spain

(d) Sweden ✔️

[18] Which Greco-Roman wrestler from India has won the first medal for India in the Under-23 World Wrestling Championships?

(a) Gurpreet Singh

(b) Sajan Bhanwala ✔️

(c) Sachin Rana

(d) Sonam Malik

[19] Who has been elected as the President and Co-Chair of the International Solar Alliance in October, 2022?

(a) India and France ✔️

(b) UAE and Netherlands

(c) Sweden and Germany

(d) Italy and Norway

[20] On October 19, 2022, who has been elected as the new President of Congress?

(a) Mallikarjun Kharge ✔️

(b) Shashi Tharoor

(c) Ashok Gehlot

(d) Sonia Gandhi

Current Affairs 20th October 2022 Questions in Assamese

Latest Current Affairs Questions are given for each months. These questions are designed based on the trends of questions asked in the exams to help ease the preparation of the candidate. Check below links to get month-wise Current Affairs Questions with Solutions.

20th October 2022 সাম্প্ৰতিক পৰিস্থিতি (GK Updates) অসমীয়াত

[1] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৮ অক্টোবৰত কেন্দ্ৰীয় চৰকাৰে বিত্ত মন্ত্ৰালয়ত হিচাপ মহানিয়ন্ত্ৰক (CGA) হিচাপে কাক নিযুক্তি দিছিল?

(ক) সোমা ৰয় বৰ্মন

(খ) পূজা চৌহান

(গ) ভাৰতী দাস ✔️

(ঘ) দীপক দাস

[2]) ২০২২ চনৰ ২০ অক্টোবৰৰ পৰা ২৩ অক্টোবৰলৈ প্ৰথম ‘খেলো ইণ্ডিয়া মহিলা জুডো নেচনেল লীগ’ ক’ত আয়োজন কৰা হৈছিল?
কৰা হ’বনে?

(ক) গুৱাহাটী

(খ) ভোপাল

(গ) দিল্লী ✔️

(ঘ) জয়পুৰ

[3] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৮ অক্টোবৰত ভাৰতীয় ক্ৰিকেট নিয়ন্ত্ৰণ ব’ৰ্ডৰ (BCCI) নতুন সভাপতি হিচাপে কোন নিৰ্বাচিত হৈছিল?

(ক) দেৱজিৎ শইকীয়া

(খ) আশীষ শেলাৰ

(গ) ৰাজীৱ শুক্লা

(ঘ) ৰজাৰ বিনি ✔️

[4] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৬ অক্টোবৰৰ পৰা ২১ অক্টোবৰলৈ জি আই মহোৎসৱ ২০২২ ক’ত আয়োজন কৰা হৈছে?

(ক) বাৰাণসী ✔️

(খ) বিকানেৰ

(গ) কোচি

(ঘ) চণ্ডীগড়

[5] বুকাৰ বঁটা ২০২২, ২০২২ চনৰ ১৭ অক্টোবৰত কোনে লাভ কৰিছে?

(ক) ডেমন গালগুট

(খ) ছলমান ৰুছদি

(গ) গীতাঞ্জলি শ্ৰী

(ঘ) শ্বীহন কৰুণাতীলাকা ✔️

[6] ২০২৩ চনত কোনখন দেশত ১৮ সংখ্যক এছিয়ান কাপ অৱ ফুটবল অনুষ্ঠিত হ’ব?

(ক) চীন

(খ) কাটাৰ ✔️

(গ) ভিয়েটনাম

(ঘ) ভাৰত

[7] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৭ অক্টোবৰত গ্লোবেল মাল্টিডাইমেনচনেল পাৱৰ্টি ইনডেক্স (MPI) ২০২২ প্ৰকাশ কৰা হৈছে?

(ক) বিশ্ব ব্যৱসায় সংস্থা

(খ) আই এম এফ

(গ) ইউএনইপি

(ঘ) ইউএনডিপি ✔️

[8] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৮ অক্টোবৰত কোনখন ৰাজ্যত কাতি বিহু পালন কৰা হয়?

(ক) ওড়িশা

(খ) বিহাৰ

(গ) অসম ✔️

(ঘ) ছিকিম

[9] ১৩ ছেকেণ্ডতকৈ কম সময়ৰ ভিতৰতে, ২০২২ চনৰ ১৭ অক্টোবৰত মহিলাৰ ১০০ মিটাৰ হাৰ্ডলছ সম্পূৰ্ণ কৰা প্ৰথমগৰাকী ভাৰতীয় মহিলা খেলুৱৈ কোন?

(ক) জ্যোতি য়াৰাজী ✔️

(খ) দীপিকা কুমাৰী

(গ) নীলিমা ঘোষ

(ঘ) কমলজিৎ সন্ধু

[10] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৮-২২ অক্টোবৰলৈ DefExpo ৰ ১২ সংখ্যক সংস্কৰণ কোনখন ৰাজ্যত অনুষ্ঠিত হৈছে?

(ক) উত্তৰ প্ৰদেশ

(খ) গুজৰাট ✔️

(গ) ৰাজস্থান

(ঘ) মধ্যপ্ৰদেশ

[11] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৯ ​​অক্টোবৰত প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী নৰেন্দ্ৰ মোদীয়ে কোনখন ৰাজ্যত মিছন স্কুল অৱ এক্সেলেন্স আৰম্ভ কৰিছে?

(ক) তামিলনাডু

(খ) কৰ্ণাটক

(গ) কেৰেলা

(ঘ) গুজৰাট ✔️

[12] শেহতীয়াকৈ কাক ‘মোষ্ট পপুলাৰ জি আই’ৰ বঁটা দিয়া হৈছিল?

(ক) আঁচোৰ

(খ) বিকানেৰী ভূজিয়া

(গ) হায়দৰাবাদী হালিম ✔️

(ঘ) ৰতলামী ছেভ

[13]২০২২ চনৰ ১৮ অক্টোবৰত কেন্দ্ৰীয় মন্ত্ৰী ড০ জিতেন্দ্ৰ সিঙে কোনটো একক সংহত পেঞ্চনাৰ পৰ্টেল মুকলি কৰিছে?

(ক) জীৱন

(খ) ভৱিষ্যত ✔️

(গ) উজালা

(ঘ) ইয়াৰে কোনোটোৱেই নহয়

[14] কেন্দ্ৰীয় মন্ত্ৰী হৰদীপ সিং পুৰীয়ে ক’ত উদ্বোধন কৰিছিল এছিয়াৰ সৰ্ববৃহৎ সংকোচিত বায়’ গেছ (CBG) উদ্যোগটো, ২০২২ চনৰ ১৮ অক্টোবৰত?

(ক) লক্ষ্ণৌ, উত্তৰ প্ৰদেশ

(খ) ভোপাল, মধ্যপ্ৰদেশ

(গ) পুৰণি, ওড়িশা

(ঘ) সাংগ্ৰুৰ, পঞ্জাৱ ✔️

[15] শেহতীয়াকৈ পুৰুষৰ বেলন ডি অৰ (গোল্ডেন বল বঁটা) ২০২২ বঁটা কোনে লাভ কৰিছে?

(ক) কৰিম বেনজেমা ✔️

(খ) কেভিন ডি ব্ৰুইন

(গ) লিয়নেল মেছি

(ঘ) ক্রিষ্টিয়ানো ৰোনাল্ডো

[16] বীৰাংগনা দুৰ্গাৱতী টাইগাৰ ৰিজাৰ্ভ কোনখন ৰাজ্যত অৱস্থিত?

(ক) ৰাজস্থান

(খ) মধ্যপ্ৰদেশ ✔️

(গ) হাৰিয়ানা

(ঘ) ঝাৰখণ্ড

[17] শেহতীয়াকৈ উলফ ক্ৰীষ্টাৰচন কোনখন দেশৰ নতুন প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী হৈছে?

(ক) ফ্ৰান্স

(খ) ৰাছিয়া

(গ) স্পেইন

(ঘ) ছুইডেন ✔️

[18] ২৩ বছৰ অনুৰ্ধ বিশ্ব মল্লযুঁজ চেম্পিয়নশ্বিপত ভাৰতৰ হৈ প্ৰথম পদক লাভ কৰিছে ভাৰতৰ কোনজন গ্ৰেকো-ৰোমান মল্লযুঁজাৰু?

(ক) গুৰপ্ৰীত সিং

(খ) সজন ভানৱালা ✔️

(গ) শচীন ৰাণা

(ঘ) সোণম মালিক

[19] ২০২২ চনৰ অক্টোবৰ মাহত আন্তঃৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় সৌৰ মিত্ৰজোঁটৰ সভাপতি আৰু সহ-অধ্যক্ষ হিচাপে কোন নিৰ্বাচিত হৈছে?

(ক) ভাৰত আৰু ফ্ৰান্স ✔️

(খ) ইউ এ ই আৰু নেদাৰলেণ্ড

(গ) ছুইডেন আৰু জাৰ্মানী

(ঘ) ইটালী আৰু নৰৱে

[20] ২০২২ চনৰ ১৯ ​​অক্টোবৰত কোনে কংগ্ৰেছৰ নতুন সভাপতি হিচাপে নিৰ্বাচিত হৈছে?

(ক) মল্লীকাৰজুন খৰ্গে ✔️

(খ) শশী থাৰুৰ

(গ) অশোক গেহলট

(ঘ) ছোনিয়া গান্ধী

Current Affairs is an important section of any Banking, SSC, UPSC, Railways and any govt. entrance exams. All aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming exams in 2022 must be well prepare with this section. The current affairs are made by our experts for all competitive exams UPSC, SSC, IAS, Railway-RRB, UPPSC, UKPSC, TNPSC, MPPSC & Other State Government Jobs / Exams and latest Current Affairs 2022 for banking exams SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, RBI, RRB and more. Keep reading current affairs and GK facts updated on a daily & monthly basis on this page. Stay aware about the recent happenings in the country and across the globe and equip your preparation for upcoming govt. exams.

Current Affairs 2022

Here, we are providing Daily Current Affairs (GK Updates), Current Affairs Quiz (Questions), and Monthly Current Affairs PDF in English & Hindi based on daily news & events.

Daily Current Affairs 2022

Daily current affairs with date wise and month wise GK is provided below. Daily GK Updates and Current Affairs are clubbed by month-wise. This way, you can stay in touch with all the affairs in India and around the world, specially for preparing govt exams.

What are Current Affairs?

Current Affairs could be defined as the information related to political events, sports, history, arts and even economic events that are happening at the present time in the surroundings. Current Affairs section is sub-divided into National Affairs, International Affairs, Political Affairs, Science & Technology, Economics News, and Sports Current Affairs. All aspirants must note that skipping the Current Affairs section would not be a good idea, as it holds utmost importance in scoring good marks.

Importance of Current Affairs

  • Engaging with current affairs in the modern era helps a student to be well-informed and broadens their perspectives on current issues. Current Affairs helps the candidates to develop an opinion or a perspective about national & worldly affairs.
  • With Current Affairs, the students can gain knowledge about the current events happening around them.
  • The knowledge of current affairs helps in raising the awareness level of the candidates.
  • Current Affairs have been an integral part of any competitive exam preparation and hold maximum weightage in total marks.
  • A good knowledge of Current Affairs is imperative to success in any competitive exams like UPSC, Banking, Defence, Railways, SSC, and other government exams.

Best Source of Current Affairs

In the above article, we have updated daily & monthly gist of Current Affairs from the perspective of government examination. Besides, this the students can refer to other source of Current Affairs which are as-

  • Newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Dainik Bhakskar, Dainik Jagran, etc. are the best source when it comes to learn daily current affairs as these are easy to access and pocket friendly too.
  • Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic and Political Weekly can also be the source for follow-up on Current Affairs. A monthly magazine, along with PIB, RSTV is a good way to revise the monthly Current Affairs.

To get Daily Current Affairs Quiz or Current Events of October, bookmark this page and do follow our site @ AllJobAssam.com on daily basis.

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